Biden's Unorthodox Habit at Democrat Fundraisers

What’s that Boy Scout motto: Be prepared. Apparently Joe Biden is no Boy Scout when it comes to impromptu speeches.

Unless Biden has his cheat sheets, he’s ineffective at pressers. And people are finally commenting on Biden’s need to carry flash cards with prepared questions and answers. He’s been doing this for a while now, but the pictures of the notes have been more of an tongue-in-cheek joke.

Things have changed for Biden.. Notably the cards are no longer gentle nudges by way of bullet points. Today, Joe Biden is told who to call on and how to respond.

In the example above, Biden knows which reporter to call on, and the exact question he will be asked. And you can bet his answer is already on that not-so-trusty teleprompter.

We’ve gone from journalism to propaganda, no different than in the former Soviet Union.

What about with donors?

While Biden can be forgiven for having cheat notes at his press conferences, as he can claim to want to get the facts straight. But at donor gatherings? Why should Biden should need cheat notes with donors?

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According to sources, Biden can’t carry on a simple conversation. Axios writes:

President Biden has been using notecards in closed-door fundraisers, calling on prescreened donors and then consulting his notes to provide detailed answers, according to people familiar with the routine.

Why it matters: Biden’s reliance on notecards to help explain his own policy positions — on questions he knows are coming — is raising concerns among some donors about Biden’s age.

  • The president is 81 but claims he feels younger.
  • The staged Q&A sessions have left some donors wondering whether Biden can withstand the rigors of a presidential campaign, let alone potential debates with former President Trump, 77.

Biden advisers say the president is given notecards only for very detailed and technical questions, and say he frequently does spontaneous Q&As.

  • Most recent presidents — including Trump, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Barack Obama — have carried crib notes, or used teleprompters, to help guide them through various public events and meetings.
  • In Biden’s case, donors have noticed he’s also using notecards in private events. 

Biden’s campaign dismissed such concerns.

Do you really believe that Biden’s campaign dismisses what’s happening to him?

How sick are Democrats if they see a clearly diminished Biden, and they donate money to him anyway?

The way you know Biden is dying on the vine is the Left will tout his fundraising. They will try to convince the public that Biden remains a fundraising machine. After all, who would donate to a political dead man? But the real indicator will be what Donald Trump raises.

Will the news report on Trump’s fundraising? Not the GOP’s fundraising, but Trump’s fundraising? I think you know who can raise the most money. More importantly, you know who makes best use of their money.

And after Trump demolishes the Deep State Republican RINOs, they will be forced to look down-ticket; to actually support Trump. They can certainly use his fundraising.

Biden is toast. Soggy toast.

And the longer Democrats prop him up offers a glimpse into their real problems. They can’t find a replacement who can cover for the rampant cheating that will necessary to prevent Trump from his rightful second term.

Now that the media keeps a watchful eye on Biden, he will find the going very difficult. Actually, impossible.


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