The Fake Biden Show Starts Now

Joe Biden fathered two wars: Ukraine-Russia and Hamas-Israel. But Biden has many bastard children.

Like his health and mental fitness. No matter how much the Left tries to invoke “youth and vigor”, the nation recognizes “old and feeble.”

Biden must own his age, and he’s trying. The problem? Biden being Biden.

In the video below, Biden claims he got arrested on the porch with a Black friend.

Another “true story”.

Leave the guy alone for a second, and he’s off the teleprompter reservation and discussing his uncle being eaten by cannibals. Imagine trying to run interference for this clown?

Next, Biden fathered both rampant inflation and a border invasion. And unlike Hunter Biden is with his daughter Navy, Joe Biden proudly touts his new babies. Despite the devastating results his children are wreaking on the American public.

Almost since Biden’s “presidency”, he’s experienced a downward trend in popularity. But those who sanctioned the coup put Biden in an impossible situation.

The 81-million-vote man couldn’t possibly hope to get anywhere close to that number in 2024. The reason is simple. Biden’s bastard children’s actions.

Biden’s wars have cost America trillions. Worse, he has given more money to Ukraine than he has to the Marines. And what of Biden’s strategy to fund Iran who then funded Hamas who promptly attacked Israel?

I’m sure Leftist historians will equate this strategy with that of Alexander the Great or Ghengis Khan. Neither of them could have brought down America, but Biden certainly appears to be well on his way.

The outcome of the border invasion negatively impacts all aspects of American society, yet he continues to allow the massive influx of illegals.

Overcrowded cities, schools, and poor Americans fight for dwindling resources. All this occurs in the midst of the worst 4-year presidency since the Great Depression. Yet, look at the media as some outlets claim Biden is “closing the gap” on Trump.

From Newsweek,

With seven months to go until the presidential election, incumbent Joe Biden is beating his Republican challenger Donald Trump in a series of recent polls.

The Democrat is leading Trump in ten separate polls conducted in the last month, although experts have cautioned that it is still too early to call the election and Trump is polling higher than Biden in other polls too.

At least they left some wiggle-room, writing “still too early to call”. What a laughable comment. But it gets worse, as Newsweek then listed the polls where Biden was supposedly leading Trump.

Here’s the game. Go back to the last time Trump was comfortably ahead of Biden, then ask yourself what changed in the world that could have impacted polls to shift?

Is Biden getting younger? Did he suddenly become more coherent? And what about this nonsensical strategy about the economy?

Is the war in Ukraine better for Biden? And certainly Iran didn’t help Biden by flying hundreds of drones to attack Israel, thus escalating Biden’s existing war with America’s ally!

Biden’s team released a fake report stating that crime was down during his tenure. That report has been debunked, as Biden used partial data. Team Biden reports stellar jobs reports and that Biden’s astronomical inflation is going down, but the public sees the data manipulation for what it is.

What’s impacting Biden’s numbers?

I guess the Democrats will try the “Americans hate Trump” strategy again? Poll after polls proves that Biden has lost voters in almost every demographic and Trump has gained in those same demographics. Yet look at the headlines.

From The Hill:

Biden saw his highest approval rating since November on Monday, ticking up to 43 percent.

A new poll from the Financial Times and the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business that found Biden’s approval rating at 43 percent marks a 4-point increase from the same poll in March.

The poll also found that 41 percent of registered voters approved of his handling of the economy, which was a 5-point increase from March.

Almost all these articles reference the same Democrat-controlled and sponsored polls. Because nothing, repeat NOTHING supports these polls.

The biggest misinformation campaign in human history continues.

This misinformation is taxpayer-funded Democrat-controlled government lies. Don’t believe any polls, as Trump is dominating Joe Biden. The polls are merely a mechanism for Democrats to cheat in the upcoming election.

No candidate in history has more loyal voters than Donald Trump. He has converted more Democrats, Independents, and RINOS than all Republicans combined dating back to Lincoln. And the worst thing for Democrats and other Leftists is Americans of all ilk overlook Trump’s “style”. They ignore it.

More Americans than ever will vote for Trump in the next election. So treat these polls as desperation of the Democrats showing. Because that all they are. Desperation.

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