What Does Iran Have on Joe Biden?

Well, buckle up for the latest episode of “Biden the Bungler vs Iran: The Unscripted Drama”! Last week’s Iranian-backed drone strike in Jordan left three American troops deader than disco.

Biden’s tough talk has about as much impact as serving rubber chicken at a summit. And his latest response only reinforces the rumors (facts) that Joe Biden is compromised on every continent except Antarctica.

Not long ago, Joe Biden traded five ordinary Americans held by the Iranians for five major Iranian terrorists. Now that trade by itself would have gottn any coach fired, but Biden sweetened the pot. He added billions of dollars AND took Iran off “America’s Sanction Shit List”.

Most Americans found this to be an impeachable offense, yet nothing happened.

Iran wasn’t finished.

Flush with Biden Bucks, Iran used Biden’s money to fund a brutal terror attack against Israel–America’s only partner in the Middle East. Again, an impeachable offense. And again, no actions against Joey Demento.

Now, Iran kills three Americans in an attack, and Biden pimps his hand. The Biden Administration is said to have leaked information on which targets had been approved for strikes. Biden needed to give his and Hunter’s business partner a heads up before the missiles struck. Influence peddlers thwarted by extortion.

Don’t bother asking what would have happened if Trump leaked this kind of information. Impeachment, then prison.

The Fallout: Predictable

Jennifer Griffin tweeted:

The only reason Biden would do such a thing is he compromised.

Iran has been provoking America in that region of the world since Biden took office. Clearly they have no fear of the man, most likely due to the fact that they can expose his dirty deeds whenever they want.

And how would our military respond? Well, they will get back to us once they locate the Affirmative Action Secretary of Defense.

Our military runs like F Troop or Keystone Cops; take your pick.

We only have a few more months to endure Joe Biden. I’ve predicted that Biden won’t be the Democrats’ nominee much less serve a second term. The only question that remains is how much trouble can Biden get America into in his last few days. Sadly, it’s more than you might think.

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