DEFEAT: Democrats are Sick of Talking about Biden's What?

Joe Biden is old and senile and Democrats hate that American know it. They hate that American citizens are discussing Biden’s old age. How dare we question if the person in charge of the country is too old.

But what of his senility? Apparently Democrats can’t multitask. So for now, they are just concerned about his age.

So for now, let’s focus on Democrats not wanting to discuss obvious albatross. Biden is really f’g old, and not chronologically. Biden big problem is how he handles his age. Answer: like an old fogey.

And if you’re thinking, “Marlarkey!”, then you’re on the right track.

Biden is at least 20 years older than his chronological age; and that’s being generous. Biden looks like death eating a cracker. I’ve been critical of Biden’s age, and for all the right reasons. I would have been critical of anybody in charge of the nation who acts like Biden. The most amazing part of all of this is that Democrats don’t seem to mind that a complete idiot is in charge of the country. Worse, a few of them want 4 more years of this clown. Well, 4 more years of the people who control Biden.

Keep reading for the real thing that Democrats don’t want discussed.

Aiding the Elderly

Democrats to the rescue of the geriatric. Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) said Monday she is “sick and tired” of the discussion about Biden’s age. And in the spirit of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Dingell declared that she has no problem with Biden running the country from the cuckoo’s nest, as long as Trump is not reelected for his rightful second term.

So what polling shows that Biden’s age registers as a top concern among 2024 voters. In fact, a majority of Americans believing Biden is too old for a second four-year term. But when you an elitist Democrat, who care about the polls. Dingell even downplayed the importance and accuracy of polls. Then she decided to protect Biden from the second part of his problem, endorsing Biden’s mental capacity.

“I also am sick and tired of everybody talking about his age,” she said in a Fox News interview Monday.

Instead, Dingell blamed the public’s perception of Biden on his limited campaign schedule. Apparently she believes the public needs to see more of Biden?

“What I think is that Joe Biden needs to be Joe Biden,” she said. “I was with him a couple weeks ago for eight hours, and he was the Joe Biden that I know.”

“When he is talking to people, he is energizing, he cares about issues. He’s Joe Biden! There’s nobody better than Joe Biden,” she continued. “I think the campaign needs to let him get out there and be who he is.”

Either Biden, 81 years old, or Trump, 77, would be the oldest president in the country’s history at the end of a second term. But nobody’s concerned about Trump’s age, which the Left conveniently lump in when discussing Biden. If only Trump would act old.

How do you do that, when you’ve taken relatively good care of yourself. And you hire lawyers to do your worrying. Trump is the picture of health for many people in their 50s. The man has a concierge doctor, and not the doctors used by the regular people.

Sadly for Democrats, Biden’s age will be discussed from now until he quits the race. But as promised, I said I will tell you what Democrats really don’t want.

Democrats don’t want Americans talking about Joe Biden. At all.

It’s not just Biden’s age and senility. It’s Joe Biden. Biden is sinking the Democrats. Not only is Biden losing to Trump in all polls, so are all other candidates.

Trump leads Newsom by 15 points. And Newsom is the heir-apparent to the Democrat throne. Believe it or not, Kamala Harris fares better than Newsom against Trump, but she still gets trounced.


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