Democrats Biggest Fear Just Happened

Democrats have much to fear about Joe Biden. For example, Biden being Biden. What a daily horror show. But things just got far worse.

No, it’s not breaking news about the Biden family corruption. That cracked egg should be serving America omelets soon. The bigger issue for Biden is what should be a no-brainer (ha!) for a presidential election: debates.

Joe Biden performed horribly in the debates in 2020. Trump nailed him to the wall on every issue. And if the media and DOJ did their jobs, those chickens would have come home to roost and given us fresh eggs.

Hunter Biden, China, Ukraine, and a host of other issues Trump broached all, repeat all haunt Joe Biden and his crooked family.

As for the 2024 presidential election, debates are standard. Protocol. Yet, Trump had to egg Biden into doing the norm.

CNN inquired about the possibility of a debate in March of this year. I forgive their hesitancy at the time, as they likely weren’t sure if Biden would make it. Frankly, I suggest Democrats leave this option on the table.

To debate or not to debate is a complicated question for President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump as they barrel into an eight-month general election.

Complicated question? No it’s not. There should be debates. The world needs to see the dichotomy between Trump and Biden, particularly given that both men have served one term.

Certainly the polls have ended the debate. Americans want Trump back.

The article continued,

Trump’s position: On social media, Trump promised he would debate Biden “ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE.” He reiterated that commitment Sunday, telling Fox News that he would do it “anytime, anyplace” and would “even debate minutia.”

Pretty clear Trump’s position as it pertains to Biden. However CNN claims that Trump ran from his Republican contemporaries:

He failed to participate in any of the Republican National Committee-sponsored primary debates in this election cycle. He’s also the only modern, major-party nominee to back out of a general election debate, during the pandemic four years ago.

I wrote about why Trump would refuse to debate all the traitors who primaried him. Most of them had their careers built with Trump’s support. As far as I and many other Americans are concerned, Trump was the incumbent candidate who had been cheated out of his rightful second term.

Joe Biden is scared to debate.

I’ve said this many times, and it’s a fact: Joe Biden can’t beat Trump in a fair election. And while Democrats will cheat again, the votes Trump will get will make it too big to rig.

Biden won’t have enough support to win. Thus, his desperation is easy to spot. Like paying art students.

Biden wants to buy the votes of youth, but it won’t work. He may satisfy youth by paying for college, but he’s pissing off other groups.

Next, Joe Biden enlisted the support of Steven Spielberg. Apparently Biden hopes that Spielberg can create some fantasy world where Biden can win in 2024.

Biden wouldn’t have made it through a real primary. Democrats had no alternative to Biden. They limited his challengers, and avoided any debates with Marianne Williamson or Congressman Dean Phillips.

As for Trump, according to CNN, Biden said, “I don’t know if he’s serious.”

Add another comment to the list of Biden lies. Biden knows that Trump is serious. In fact, Trump salivates at the idea of exposing Biden at another debate.

In 2020, Trump told the world who Joe Biden was. And now he has Biden’s record to refer to.

Debating a Moron.

Biden is the nag Democrats must ride into the election. And if Biden doesn’t debate, he will be seen for what he is: a coward.

Team Biden knows the outcome of a Biden-Trump debate. And I can’t wait to see the orchestration they use to (1) try to get out of a debate, or (2) impose crazy rules meant to protect Biden.

If this debate happens, Trump destroys Biden. Democrats and their other Leftist minions know this. The ensuing train wreck will be fun to watch.

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