RIDICULE - The Left's Latest Strategy to Get Trump

Leftists have thrown all kinds of bombs at Donald Trump. And when the bombs explode, the Left gets hit with Shrapnel and Trump looks unscathed.

One of the Democrats’ election engineering strategies was to bankrupt Trump. And if that doesn’t work, then at least make people think Trump is broke.

So Democrats now try their new strategy to ridicule Trump’s perceived poverty.

Recently, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reported that Donald Trump seeks wealthy supporters to bail him out. She also claimed that Trump is considering selling assets so he can meet the deadline set by New York appellate court.

Letitia James played her part in the conspiracy by bringing what most people believe is a bogus case against Trump. In the aftermath of the kangaroo court, Trump was ordered to pay the state $454 million last month. Despite having no complainants, Letitia James got the court to find Trump liable for defrauding banks and insurance companies. In order to appeal the ruling, Trump must post a bond in that amount by March 25.

However, Trump’s lawyers told the appeals court that after contacting more than 30 underwriters, none can accommodate the massive figure. His attorneys said posting the full amount “is a practical impossibility.” And wholly unnecessary for two reasons.

  1. First, Trump is good for the money, should he lose the case.
  2. Second, Trump won’t lose the appeal.

More on this in a moment, as I want to show this video of Frank Luntz who understands the ramifications of this strategy.

Luntz is 100 percent correct.

In her report, Collins said Trump’s team is looking for wealthy supporters who may be able to help liquidate some of his assets lickety-split to meet the deadline. Again, the intent is to embarrass Trump and show his “desperation”.

Trump’s team has sought out wealthy supporters and weighed what assets could be sold – and fast. The presumptive GOP presidential nominee himself has become increasingly concerned about the optics the March 25 deadline could present – especially the prospect that someone whose identity has long been tied to his wealth would confront financial crisis.

The Trump team issued a quick response. The campaign vehemently denied CNN’s report:

“These baseless innuendos are pure bullsh*t,” Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said in a statement Tuesday.

It doesn’t get any more clear than that. But Cheung wasn’t finished,

“President Trump has filed a motion to stay the unjust, unconstitutional, un-American judgment from New York Judge Arthur Engoron in a political Witch Hunt brought by a corrupt Attorney General. A bond of this size would be an abuse of the law, contradict bedrock principals [sic] of our Republic, and fundamentally undermine the rule of law in New York.”

I think most smart Americans agree with this assessment of the New York cases. And frankly, most Americans likely feel the same way about all the other BS cases against Trump.

As for his ability pay, two Shark Tank co-hosts backed Trump. First, Mark Cuban:

Mark Cuban said Tuesday that Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) is wrong after the lawmaker questioned if former President Trump is really a billionaire given the fact that his lawyers said he might not be able to pay the full bond due in his New York civil fraud trial.

“Trump claims he’s a billionaire. But he can’t pay a $464 million judgment. That means he is lying. How do I know? Math. #TrumpIsBroke,” Lieu wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

In a lengthy repost of Lieu’s remarks, Cuban — an entrepreneur and former personality on ABC’s “Shark Tank” — quipped the California Democrat is “wrong” and laid out the economics behind his argument.

“Ted, you know I’m no supporter of Trump. That’s for damn sure. How can anyone vote for someone who has so many of his executive employees turn on him, and, say he is incompetent is beyond me. But you are wrong on this topic Ted,” Cuban wrote on X.

“Net worth is completely different than cash in the bank. We were in a zero-interest rate environment for a long, long time. So, keeping cash in the bank or even money markets was dumb. In fact, searching for yield is what killed small banks last year,” he continued. “Also dumb was keeping interest rates that low for that long. Something Trump demanded more of.”

Kevin O’Leary explained it further. He consider what Letitia James did, “an attack on America”.

Trump has lucrative real estate holdings in multiple states. His assets can’t be hidden like crypto Leftist Sam Bankman-Fried for example. So Trump is no payment risk. And Americans understand this.

Worse for Democrats, the American people have felt Trump’s pain.  Most of us have had to catch a payment or risk losing something important. Our homes or perhaps a car. Maybe your business was in peril by the IRS or some other government entity, in many cases unfairly.

Democrats “Trump is broke” strategy allows Trump to connect with “the little people”. And Joe America won’t like the technicality of New York Attorney General Letitia James seizing Trump’s property if he does not post bond. He should have a fair chance to preserve his property, certainly in light of that kangaroo court.

Democrats may be dumb enough to continue their destructive path. However if this occurs, you can bet this will not be good for Democrats in the short or long run.


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