Bill Maher's Insane Trump Theory

I warn Conservatives routinely not to invest in the occasional common-sense-sounding statement from any Leftist. These morons get sanity from time to time, because even a broken clock is right twice a day.

For example, Bill Maher speaks out against Hamas, because he’s Jewish. The Hamas terror attack impact him, because Maher is concerned those terrorists will one day get him. And it’s possible. Terrorist-supporting Leftists live all around him. Maher sees that colleges and universities birthed these anti-Semites, many of whom befriend Maher.

But once the fervor dies down, like most Leftists, Maher too returns to his idiotic views on, well…everything.

This scenario played our recently as Conservatives celebrated Maher’s appearance on The View where he called out Joy Behar for being a fraud.

See. Maher exhibited sanity. But the worm turned, and Maher returned to the land of lunatics.

Maher stunned CNN anchor Chris Wallace with an asinine comment about Trump. The Trump-critic offered various theories. And one of the theories suggested that Trump planned a slow-moving coup to return to the White House.

Interestingly, after the sham verdict in New York City, not a single “J6-like” insurrection occurred anywhere in America. Why? Because J6 was created by the Democrats, and Conservatives hold our insurrections at the ballot box.

Next, Bill Maher carried water for the Democrats proposing the insanity that if Trump is elected, he won’t leave the White House.

Sadly for Democrats, we won’t get to test Maher’s next conspiracy theory.

If Trump loses the 2020 Presidential Election, Maher claims that Trump will show up to Inauguration Day and claim he won. 

“That is the one thing I can absolutely predict with utter certainty. He will never, as I kept saying all those years, he will never concede an election. He’s certainly not going to concede this one,” Maher said. 

Joe Biden is a shell of a human being, and Maher has said so himself. But his hatred for Trump supersedes his love of America?

Trump has history as president

How Democrats sell these insane theories truly surprises me. They say, “Trump won’t leave!” But he’s already left.

Democrats act as if Trump has never served as president. Worse. Trump knows he was cheated in 2020, yet he left voluntarily.

I can see the headlines after Trump leaves again next term:

  • Trump planning to storm the White House
  • Trump still planning a coup of President Marco Rubio
  • Uncovered: Plot to blow up White House and move to Mar-a-Lago

Yes America, Leftists are that crazy.

Many Leftists make this claim. And they made the same claim in 2020. I do like the way they think. Because for Trump to refuse to leave the White House, it means he serves his second term.

And for those wondering, Trump will get his rightful second term, as Trump has much more going for him in his third campaign than he did in the first two.

Trump is a known quantity, who performed like a rock star during his first term. And in getting rid of Trump, Democrats exposed themselves and the lengths they are willing to go to keep him out. Without Trump, we would never have seen the inside workings of Leftism.

Add Biden’s performance and his tragic presidency, and you get a massive Trump victory.

Finally, at the end of his term Trump will hand over the keys to the White House to the next Republican president. This will explode Maher’s Trump theory.



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