A Major College Scuttles their DEI Program and Staff

Soon America can return to greatness. The great mosaic made up of all races, religions, sexualities, and so on all combining under one culture: the American Spirit.

Why can Americans MAGA? Because DEI, CRT, ESG and other insane social engineering Leftist nonsense is finally going where it deserves. In the trash.

America got another massive win against the scourge of social engineering. And it comes in news from the University of Florida. Christopher Rufo tweeted the news:

BREAKING: University of Florida has fired all employees related to DEI. The conservative counter-revolution has begun.

What took so long?

The University of Florida actually joined the party late. We found that the New College of Florida made a similar move.

Yoleidy Rosario-Hernandez had only been in her role as Chief Diversity Officer at New College of Florida for seven months when she received disheartening news. The board of trustees declared in February that it was dismantling the diversity, equity, and inclusion office. And the situation at New College is not isolated to just the DEI office.

Last month, the college did not renew the contract of its sole US history professor. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill in May prohibiting public colleges and universities from allocating funds to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

Similar actions are unfolding nationwide.

Over a dozen state legislatures have introduced or passed bills curbing DEI programs in higher education. Universities have figured out that these offices accomplish nothing while costing millions.

Several states, including North Carolina and South Carolina, have proposed bills to monitor DEI spending in colleges. In Virginia, Governor Glenn Youngkin prohibited the teaching of “inherently divisive concepts” in public schools and has consistently opposed equity initiatives.

In Ohio, a controversial bill, currently progressing through the legislative system, seeks to eliminate diversity training requirements at public colleges.

As the academic year concludes, the battles against diversity, equity, and inclusion persist. Some view these conflicts as pivotal for the future of public higher education.

Reviewing DEI initiatives is not a new phenomenon and does not strictly adhere to a partisan divide.

In agreement with most of America, Conservative lawmakers have long asserted that DEI efforts amount to a form of indoctrination. In 2020, then-President Donald Trump labeled racial sensitivity training as “anti-American propaganda”. He issued an executive order prohibiting such training in federal agencies, essentially undoing the insanity of the previous Obama administration–undoubtedly the most racially divisive administration in the modern era.

The Heritage Foundation reported:

School districts across the country have established diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) offices to reduce discrimination, and the Department of Education regularly touts the value of DEI programs to quell bias.

Yet nationwide, school officials reported a “record number” of discrimination complaints last year.

How can this be?

In truth, studies show that DEI offices accomplish little more than producing a lot of bureaucratic sound and fury on the taxpayers’ dime.

Even some Democrats have criticized DEI.

They question the effectiveness of tools such as mandatory workplace training videos that serve as racist propaganda mostly against whites.

This video is one of my favorites. It’s called “Take one step forward”.

The video omits personal responsibility, like parents staying together.

The concept behind the video makes no attempt to understand the dynamics of failure. Worse, what this video omits is that strong people are forged by bad circumstances in many cases.

Despite what some proponents say, DEI initiatives have brought nothing positive to the public discourse. And the results are horrendous.

As I mentioned in my book some colleges have spent tens of million of dollars on DEI, and their DEI didn’t improve in any way. Columbia University studied their results after a decade, with embarrassing results.

If anybody analyzing the components of DEI and weighs them against results in America, they will conclude that America offer all of DEI. We don’t need the acronym, and a bunch of wackademics running around acting like they uncovered something sinister about the country. America is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. No need to study the concept; and certainly no need to condemn the greatest DEI country in the world.

Let’s do all we can to return America to greatness. To meritocracy. Let’s end this academic exercise in demoralizing America.





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