If Jussie Smollett had a Democrat Politician Brother

The Democratic Party is the party of liars and scumbags, and one need only look at its leader.

The King Kong of Leftist Democrat liars is none other than Joe Biden; a professional liar whose party follows his lead.

I dare you to count the lies told by Democrats in the Biden administration. Lies that include, “the border is secure” to “the vaccines are safe and effective”.

Once in an interview on MSNBC, I was asked about vandalism that occurred at a Democrat party office. I explained to the host that it was likely done by Democrats, and he was incredulous. Seriously?

Jewish Democrats paint swastikas on their doors, then claim Republicans did the dirty deeds. Also, Black Democrats hang nooses at their residences, and claim the Republicans did it. And if those things are bad enough, Democrat women claim “rape” by Republican men. And holy Mother of Blasey-Ford, we discuss that in almost all the cases, the “victims” make it up.

Joe Biden, we are told is youthful and vigorous and not suffering from dementia. The man can’t give a single speech without offering a word salad, but he’s fine we’re told. AG Merrick Garland won’t release video of Biden’s altered transcript from his meeting with the FBI, because Garland says Biden’s fine. Forgive me if I’d like to see for myself.

Further, although we’ve debunked his “my family took no money from foreign countries,” and “I have never met with business partners of my son” lies, the Left insist that Joe Biden is not “the big guy”. Forget the multiple LLC, and dozens of bank accounts, as well as the multiple wire transfers that triggered over 150 suspicious activity reports. Nothing to see here, as the press has been not surprisingly quiet; for obvious reasons.

Who will ever forget the Jussie Smollett case?

The man who claimed two MAGA white guys attacked him and put the proverbial noose around his neck turned out to be a blatant Leftist liar. And the Leftist machine played along.

Hollyweirdos, the LGBTQ+, and Leftists politicos all sympathized with the scumbag liar. They believed him despite the ridiculous nature of the encounter, an obvious lie to the most casual observer.

Two white MAGA ergo racist men walking around Chicago in sub-freezing temperature spotted a “black gay man from Empire”–likely wearing a parka. Next, these two men happened to have a noose and bleach available, and then noticed who Smollett was?

To believe that lie, you just want to believe a lie.

And that why few are amazed that Democrats tell the most blatant lies and then run with them. Like the lies of the 2020 Presidential Election. Democrats can’t win fair elections. They know this, which is why they use all the tricks.

In Texas, we get news of a Democrat pulling a “Smollett”.

As you consider what Patel did, remember what much more powerful Democrats say about MAGA.

Pelosi, et al call us terrorists and insurrectionists. But as almost all of the proof indicates, it’s Democrats who are both.

Patel was arrested, indicted, and found guilty. I guess he didn’t realize that he’s no Hunter Biden. Now imagine if for some reason justice gets served and we can prosecute Democrats who try to pull of these lies.

Consider that Patel’s lies were meant to hurt only one man. What about the Democrat lies that hurt hundreds, thousands, even millions.

Let’s hope that we course-correct and target the Faucis of the world, for example. Americans must be able to expect better from our politicians and their unelected bureaucrat minions.

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