Trump Just Sealed His Fate

Donald Trump may have the Midas touch. But he may also be a better magician than Houdini, because Trump has accomplished the impossible.

A few years back Trump asked a simple question of Black people: “What the hell do you have to lose?”

My team was so moved by Trump declaration that we made the above video.

The video showcases a city that had been devastated by Leftist polices. A once thriving city doomed to destruction once Leftist policies were implemented. And if you watched the video closely you might have seen the symbolic Obama-Biden yard sign lying on the ground by a dumpster; a metaphor for Obama’s presidency.

Black people responded to Trump. He resonated within the ranks of Black America. And against all odds, Trump got elected in 2016. His election ushered in a Black Renaissance of sorts. Blacks had the highest employment rate in America’s history. Further, Trump focused on the Black family as he attempted to reunite incarcerated fathers with their children and so on.

Unlike Obama, Trump performed like a rock star for Blacks. And for his efforts he converted a large swath of the Black vote. I’m not sure what portion of the Black vote Trump got in 2016, but you can bet it was much larger in 2020. We will never know the real numbers for each, because of massive cheating and Leftist propaganda. But 2020 was larger than 2016 and yet Trump lost.

Democrats saw the 2016 numbers, and they tried to pull a “Nixon” on Trump. Reduce his likability and then pull a “Watergate”. Democrats succeeded bigger and better. They neutralized the threat. Thankfully for Leftists, Trump had been stopped at all costs; permanently, they believed.

But sparing you the details, stopping Trump completely never materialized.

So Democrats find themselves back at ground zero. Taking out Trump this time permanently will be the Democrats’ option. Or suffer the consequences of a wealthy white Republican scorned.

Because Trump won’t quit. Worse for the Left, Trump now challenges them in areas Republicans have kept off-limits.

Trump rallied in the Bronx, and Holy Mother of Sojourner Truth now he’s meeting Black people in Black churches. And Black people appreciate it.

The jig is up. Blacks know the game, and they are no longer willing to participate.

Check out this brother from Detroit:

These videos are all over the internet. They aren’t anecdotal or outliers, but instead the real sentiment of a growing number of blacks. And the reason Democrats have a Plan B as it pertains to Biden is a direct result of Trump’s efforts to reach the Black community.

Understand that Biden is having the opposite impact. No matter what he does, the support number for Blacks continues to shrink, mostly related to illegal immigration. Despite knowing this, Biden continues supporting illegals over citizens, with Blacks taking notes.

Black people hear Biden loud and clear.

Biden and the Democrats are moving on. And Trump follows in behind them to pick up the pieces in the Black community. Further he offers Republicans a blueprint on how to do the same.

Trump’s fate. He will get elected in November, and Blacks will be a major reason why. But Republicans and conservatives must have a viable plan going forward. Who will champion Trump’s causes, and show the Black community that they will be heard and good ideas implemented that help all?

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