About The Black Sphere

Although Kevin Jackson is the face of The Black Sphere, a group of multifaceted team members helps Kevin keep the ball rolling.

Melissa's Head Shot

Melissa runs operations, and is known as “Hamma Time” at The Black Sphere. Though she is a beauty, don’t let the smooth taste fool you. She has killed flies with a hammer, thus the nickname. Warning:  Don’t ask her about her secret crush.


Dave runs our audio and is the voice of The Black Sphere radio.  Dave brings decades of knowledge in Conservatism to the team, and is our elder statesman. When Dave is not golfing, you will find him chasing Liberals down rat holes, and daring them to poke their heads out.

Jeremy Buff

Jeremy is the guy formerly known as webmaster, since in The Black Sphere, the word “master” is banned in all languages. Despite not being allowed to sleep, Jeremy was voted Best Looking (2009) at The Black Sphere, a title he vows to retain in 2010.


Marc’s main role is co-host of The Black Sphere radio show, and he also produces, what we are not sure. Marc assigned to Kevin as part of Obama’s “Reparations & Redistribution Plan.” Marc’s passtimes include speaking like Al Gore for no reason and leaving his carbon footprint in elevators.


Tom Schlegel leads our writing team, and is responsible for most of the arrests in The Black Sphere organization. Aside from being an award winning screenwriter, Tom’s talents transcend the silver screen. His knowledge of politics and ability to synthesize a message is second only to his ability to remind us of his talent on a daily basis.


Brandon leads our video development team, and is the youngest member of The Black Sphere team. Brandon’s nickname is “Hats,” because in our lean organization, Brandon wears the most hats. He is quiet thunder, and has vowed that he will not rest until all Liberals in America have moved to Cuba.


Aside from being our six foot blonde bombshell, Stacey handles Marketing and is Kevin’s agent for speaking engagements. Her investigative skills would make her the best private investigator in the business, if she chose to use her powers for evil. Stacey has a roundhouse that would make Chuck Norris take pause.

Other team members:

  • Blythe Daniels – PR for Radio and Blog Syndication
  • Cynthia – PM, Billboard project support, etc.
  • TBD – PM, Forever Families
  • Robbin – Graphics design and social media

We will add additional staff and volunteers on an ongoing basis.

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