“Kevin has the incredible gift of presenting his intellectual abilities and deep understanding of sociopolitical issues in a captivating way. I find his articles and presentations to be simultaneously informative, refreshing, uplifting, and witty.” – Laurencia C, Doctoral Candidate, American School of Professional Psychology

“Kevin has a profound ability to articulate what Conservatives are thinking.” – Lynette T – Mother

“Kevin Jackson …provides a refreshing blend of humor and logic in a time when the news media is one sided and full of lies. He is not afraid to challenge anyone’s opinion with truth and common sense.” – Jackie W, Business Person

“Kevin, great piece on American Thinker. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a great movie in that story. I would like to discuss it with you sometime. Seems to me, there is a great message there. And since my industry and the public school system across the country don’t feel it necessary to teach our children anything of redeeming value, we may have a great educational film, that is also a great piece of Americana.” – Matthew P, Filmaker

“Mr. Jackson your article on the black experience on the American Thinker web site is brilliant. Where are men like you trying to motivate and educate our youth? We must quit any blame games and move forward with positive actions. Many thanks for your honest, logic and truth.” – Kelly R, Business Person

“You are telling your story in the vein of having learned from your life experiences rather than let each experience consume you.” – Faye P, Accountant (retired)

“I enjoyed the story of your life. I too, was very poor as a youngster but didn’t have the opportunity to live in good surroundings as you did at the estate of your parents’ employers…. The winners lift themselves up and keep on going stronger than ever.” – Anna L, Mother

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