The Black Sphere Team

Although Kevin Jackson is the face of The Black Sphere, a group of multifaceted team members helps Kevin keep the ball rolling.

Melissa Alone

Melissa, Chief Operations Officer

Melissa and Kevin started The Black Sphere together. She brings knowledge and experience in both accounting and legal from the state of California. Melissa handles anything accounting, business and legal related, relationship cultivation and retention, merchandise fulfillment, business research – essentially it all flows through her. Melissa is currently pursuing a second degree in the medical field.


Dave, Radio Production Engineer / Radio Program Imaging

Dave runs our audio and is the voice of The Black Sphere radio.  Dave brings decades of knowledge in Conservatism to the team, and is our elder statesman. When Dave is not golfing, you will find him chasing Liberals down rat holes, and daring them to poke their heads out.

Amy 1

Amy Lutz, Editor of A New Voice

Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) is will be graduating from St. Louis University with a degree in History this May. She has been a contributor at TheCollegeConservative for over a year and has served as Assistant Editor for TCC since January. During her college career, Amy has served as the Chair of the SLU College Republicans, Vice-Chair of the Missouri College Republicans, a policy intern at the Show-Me Institute, and as an intern at the Dana Loesch Radio Show. She is currently the Executive Director of the Missouri College Republicans. Amy grew up in the small town of Atchison, Kansas, but has followed current events most of her life and is currently residing in St. Louis, Missouri.


Chris, Graphic Artist

Raised as a Democrat leaning independent, at the age of 22 Chris took it upon himself to research every party he could find, eventually settling on the Libertarian party. In the late 90’s he was placed on the executive committee for the LP of Kansas. As he became older and started going to church again he has become a little more socially conservative, with the Tea Party as a perfect fit. He is a graphic designer and video producer, with web design thrown in to the mix. At the age of 36 he started a fair conservative newspaper and online TV station in Missouri. During that time he grew to truly despise all the lies he heard from other media sources and decided to do something about it. Married since 1995, he has three kids–one of which is adopted.

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