Sexy Brilliance … and other political lies


Sexy Brilliance is not another historical narrative, but more of an observational journey — an attempt to widen your perspective, and show you what is happening today to continue the theft our dreams.

It’s an interesting time to be a black Conservative in America. Black Conservatives may be the only group who has Liberals shaking like a Chihuahua pooping peach pits. We get to say what others believe they can’t say, or at least that’s what they tell me.

I was discussing my work with a major political pundit, and he said to me, “Kevin if I say what you say, I’d get burned at the stake.”


In the Bizarro World scenario of the 1960s Civil Rights Era, it is black Conservatives marching hand in hand with oppressed whites in order to get Civil Rights for all Americans.

I don’t believe there is a black Conservative voice: I believe that I speak for many Americans who are frustrated by political correctness, or more truthfully political castration.

Sexy Brilliance says what is being thought, but not said.

This book explores many fallacies of Liberalism, and points the finger at politics as usual. My objective is to teach people how to look for the inconsistencies, the ironies, and of course the hypocrisy of politics.

But more importantly, I want to strengthen people’s resolve to confront these issues, armed with even more information and the knowledge of what they can do to undo the Change™ that America has been given.

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