Buying Greece!

It is my intent to purchase Greece!

I will be bidding against George Soros and Warren Buffet, though they don’t know that I know they are bidding. Soros and Buffet think they will get Greece on the cheap, but they are unaware that I am prepared to go as high as…$200!

That’s where you come in.  You too can be a part of this historic purchase for only $1.

Once I own Greece, I will immediately declare myself King of Greece (photo shoot underway) to anger the Liberals here in America.  The first infrastructure improvement will be to plastering my picture all up in behind the joint!

I will then confiscate all land owned by the Liberals who ran Greece into the ground and start awarding land, jobs, and other assets to my peeps…that’s YOU!

The national language of Greece will be “GrEbonics,” a combination of Greek and Ebonics,  and my chefs will evaluate the conversion of gyros, baklava, and other Greek food staples to soul food.

As you can see, there is much for me to do, which is why I need your help.  We are asking all my FB friends (and yours) to donate $1 (or more) so we can make this happen.

Just so you know, I have the inside scoop on purchasing Spain. We plan to make a downpayment on all of Europe and the U.S. if Obama figures out a way to cheat himself back into the office in 2012.  If he accomplishes that, at least we will have Greece and likely Spain, until we buy back the U.S. for a few beads and Euro-trash baubles.

If you want to support our effort to dominate the world, it’s only $1 (more if you have it, as preferential treatment will go to bigger supporters!)

Help The Black Sphere RULE THE WORLD!

Disclaimer:  You do realize that this is a joke, and I will not be bidding on Greece, nor will any of us own any part of Greece based on this promotion. This is just a way to help The Black Sphere team continue our good work with a fun program, and you will be a major part of re-establishing American Exceptionalism. By making a donation you agree that you will receive nothing for your donation, except the satisfaction of knowing that you have supported one of the best pro-American teams in the country.

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