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Liberal America and Death of the Tiger Mom?

FBI Arrests Clinton Chinese Friend

Hollyweirdo: Sharon Stone Unplugged

Hillary Clinton: 10 Lifetimes of Lies

White Apologists: The Real Scourge of the Black Community

Nothing to See Here: Obama’s “Racial Databases”

Kevin Jackson Sounds Off On The Liberal Lunacy That Only #BlackLivesMatter

Can our Dept of Transportation hire THESE Mexicans?!

Nice Try, Hillary: Clinton Blasts Foundation Donor

The part of the LGBT movement they don’t want to discuss

Guess Who Says He Owes No Taxes?

I’m No Trump Fan, but I Like How He Handled the Mexicans

University of Wisconsin Banned THIS Phrase As RACIST?!

Good news for people who want to throw “F-bombs” at police officers in WA State

We See the Effects: Liberals Keep Our Focus off the Cause

Ebay and Walmart Jump into the fray over the Confederate Flag

Liberals: Too stupid to know how racist they are

Kevin Jackson “Obama was Mooning America with Use of the N-word”

Silence From the Pulpits

HuffPo Writer’s UNBELIEVABLE Statement on Pregnancy and White Privilege!

U.S. to fast track $29 million to help Charleston shooting victims’ families

Charleston Shooting: What They’re Not Telling You (VIDEO)

Salon: White People Must Answer For Charleston Church Shooting 

Authorities Arrest 243 People in Million Dollar Medicare Fraud (VIDEO)

Eye-Popping Cost of Vacation for Michelle Obama and The Girls!

Why Activists Are Worried About Rachel Dolezal Impact?

Dolezal: My black father had 3 attempts on his life by whites while in the Marine Corps

Kevin Jackson “Liberals Don’t Want to live up to the truth of who they are” #RachelDolezal

ELITIST Hillary Clinton says her family fortune is “secondary” concern for voters

VIDEO: Rachel Dolezal’s Parents: ‘We Hope You’ll Get the Help You Need’ 

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