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Media Leftist Admits President Trump is WINNING!

Video Footage of the NYC Bomber

Pro Football Team Offers Colin Kaepernick a Job

Leftists SUING California Schools: 96 Percent of Kids Can’t Read

Woman Denied Job for No Longer Being Gay

THE AXE: Leftist 9th Circuit Judge Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Murder of Border Patrol Agent was No Accident


Roy Moore’s Accuser Admits She’s a Fraud

Fake News CNN’s LATEST SMOKING GUN Against the Trumps

Bill O’Reilly Exposes NEW Leftist Plot to Destroy Trump

Another Congressman Resigning in Wake of Sexual Misconduct

Things Just Got REALLY Ugly for Mueller and Comey

MASSIVE STING: President Trump Seizes Even MORE GUNS

Sex Sting: What Disney has in common with Hollywood

Desperate Democrats Use Sharpton’s Half-Brother to Register Felons to Vote

NFL OFFERS $100 MILLION to BRIBE Black Players from Childish Antics

Brilliant Tactic: President Trump SLAMS London Mayor

Kaepernick Not the Only Person Threatening to SUE THE NFL

Former Hooker says high-profile Democrat liked to be walked like a dog on a leash

Democrats Call Their Sex Abusers ‘Icons’ and ‘Patriots’

CNN Sued Again for Discrimination Against Blacks

Leftist Ingeniously Indoctrinate Preschoolers with Transgender Animals

Trump DOJ Uncovers Immigration Fraud Scheme

Sports Illustrated Awards Kaepernick the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award

Worm Has Turned: When Media Targets Democrat Kids

Desperate Democrats Get Mentally UNSTABLE Woman to Accuse Roy Moore

GETTING UGLY: More Salacious Info on Matt Lauer Emerges [VIDEO]

Question for Leftists: Can Black and Brown Countries DISCRIMINATE?

Leftists Women DEFEND Franken: “Those Women Asked For It”

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