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Oregon Shooter is Bi-Racial

A Woman Called to Complain About Noisy Kids…

Gay Update: More Government Bureaucratic Nonsense

The Muslim Next Door

Economy Sucks When Thieves Steal This

Man Donates $1 Million to Kill Black Babies

NY Wants to Quarantine Street Performers

Matt Damon: Gay Actors Should Stay in the Closet

Why We Fight the Left: Woman Performs Sex in Subway

Hot Model Gives Amazing Response About Mental Health

Clintons Trying New Strategy

Video: Angry White Man Accuses Another Man of “White Privilege”

When Careers Decline It’s Sex Tape Time

Think Muslims Target only Christians?

“Immigrants” Die During Police Chase

Hillary to Barack: Call Off Your F***ing Dogs

Obama Blocks Conservative Teen; WH Mocks

America – How the Tables have Turned and Turned the Constitution Against Itself

Anthony Weiner’s Wife Huma Abedin Joins Twitter To Hype “Islamophobia”

Feminism and The Decline of The “Gentleman”

GROSS! Artist Paints Portrait of Trump Using Her ‘Female Blood’

Is this What we can expect from “refugees”?

Difference between Liberals and Conservatives in Social Media

FBI Says It Can’t Stop ISIS Recruitment, While ISIS Recruits In Texas Are Urged To Attack US Citizens

Laundromat exposes white male privilege?

A Tribute To Real Men

Jesse Jackson Jr Out of Prison in Time to Run for President

Young Patriot Calls out Obama for Supporting Terrorists

Black Lives Matter Won’t Endorse a Candidate

Lab Update: Another Hillary Clinton Makeover?

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