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White Man Pays Reparations and Gets His Money’s Worth

Obama Pushing Us Toward World War III

Obama Relishes Mass Shootings

Man Donates $1 Million to Kill Black Babies

Clintons Trying New Strategy

Bernie Sanders thinks bad about America

French Satiral Magazine Charlie Hebdo is BA-ACK!

Everything You Need to Know About Hillary’s Emails

Memo to Walker: Canadians are not Mexican

PC Police: Cops I Care Nothing About

What Happened to this Guy: From LGBT Poster Child to Crazy?

Now Every Time a Black Man is Shot it’s Oppression

Bill and Hillary Caught being White!

Do You Know Your Government Slave Rate?

Trump: He’s white and he can fight

Fixated on Every Issue Except the One that Will Make or Break America – Education!!!

Obama is knowingly bringing Islam terrorists to America

DHS’s New 40 Million Dollar Agency to Counter…What?

If This Is True, Obama Has Hit Rock Bottom

NAACP: Not just for COLORED people anymore

New Bombshell Testimony: IRS Agency Used Hundreds of Lawyers to Hide Info from Congress 

Hillary Clinton’s new troubles

Obama on Communities of Color

CA Senate votes to let undocumented immigrants buy health insurance

FOX NEWS: Kevin Jackson Vs. Richard Fowler ➠ Professor Under Fire For Racist Tweets

New proposed face of $20 bill chosen

Living Memorial: You won’t believe for whom

Ridicule: The Undoing of Hillary Clinton

Your Money or Your Files?

Flipping the script on Gay mafia

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