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Four New Women Accuse Bill Clinton of SEXUAL ASSAULT

Did Mueller Expand His Investigation to Include Obama Holder and Lynch?

It Begins: Pro-President Trump anti-Obama Cartoons

FITTING: Washington DC declared home to the world’s largest parasites

FINALLY: NFL Team Cuts Player Who Raised Fist

Apple Diversity Chief RESIGNS for Saying White People Can Be Diverse Too

Steve Bannon on Hillary Clinton: ‘You got your BLANK kicked’

HIDDEN CAMERA VIDEO Captures Black Nurses LAUGHING as Veterans Dies

Illegal “Dreamer” Guns Down 7-yr-old [VIDEO]

Hypocrite Chelsea Handler BRUTALIZED after apologizing?

Planned Parenthood GETS VERY BAD NEWS

Woman with F–K Trump Bumper Sticker ARRESTED [VIDEO]

Jesse Jackson Make MAJOR Health Announcement

More About the Office That COVERS UP Sexual Misconduct of Politicians

Trump Wins: The Message Most MISSED from Keurig’s Backpedal

Feminist FRAUD Selected as one of the “Women of the Year”

Secret Service Agent says Joe Biden is the Washington DC Weinstein

NO JOKE: Black Group Sponsors ‘Come Meet a Black Person’ Event

Donald Trump Does the UNTHINKABLE to Blacks

When Racists Receive the “Citizen of the Year” Award

President Trump TAUNTS ‘Short and Fat’ Kim Jong Un

SNL Targets Democrats: More Signs Hollywood Changing [VIDEO]

Trump Puts NFL Wife BEATDOWN on Mitch McConnell

Trump Jinx Hits Media: Big Layoffs Coming at Major Outlet

CNN Doomed: President Trump about to FIRE their Top Dog

The FBI Obama Built: Agent Loses Gun, Rolex, and Dignity to Hooker

Trump SMASHES Louis C.K. Over Sex Scandal [VIDEO]

Elizabeth Warren THREATENED by Clintons? [VIDEO]

BIASED Judge in Fusion GPS Case FORCED to Recuse Herself

Clintons Throw “low-key” Party with a few friends

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