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Sarah Sanders SLAMS Reporter: ‘Your mind is in the gutter’ [VIDEO]

Omarosa Reportedly DRAGGED from the White House

HEY SCHUMER: Remember When Democrats REFUSED to Seat This Black Senator?

HACKED? Anderson Cooper SLAMS Trump on Twitter

Governor Jerry Brown SHOULD BE JAILED for CA Wild Fires

BREAKING: Omarosa Maginault Newman Gone from Trump Administration

MLB Great Calls Sexual Harassment ‘Ugly-Shaming’

Democrat Fakes Frauds and Charlatans

Elizabeth Warren Implies Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is a Slut

PRICELESS: Angry New Yorker Responds to Terror Attacks [VIDEO]

You Won’t BELIEVE the 4th Trump Accuser: They Just Get FUNNIER!

Kirsten Gillibrand: Democrats’ New Great White Hope

When Judge Roy Moore Wins Rub It in Democrats’ FACES

Trump Accuser Reveals SHOCKING DETAILS: ‘He asked for my PHONE NUMBER!” [VIDEO]

Sarah Sanders SKEWERS Media over ‘Honest Mistakes’

Leftists’ Latest Proclamation: God Sides with Democrats

Kamala Harris: Without DREAM ACT Thousand of Teachers could be DEPORTED

Leftist Media: “Mistakes in TRYING TO BE FAIR to the President” [VIDEO]

Family of Terrorist OUTRAGED at ‘Heavy-Handed’ Tactics

LUNACY: European Union Sues Countries that Refuse Refugees

Chuck Schumer GETS CREDIT for Another Terrorist Attack

Media Leftist Admits President Trump is WINNING!

Video Footage of the NYC Bomber

Leftists Exposed: Summary of Criticisms of Trump

CONGRESS PETRIFIED: Pentagon to Undergo First Audit Ever

Democrats VOW: No Repeat of Hillary Clinton’s Crooked Campaign

Pro Football Team Offers Colin Kaepernick a Job

College Evicts Republicans from Coffee Shop “Safe Space”

Rapper Eminem BEGGING President Trump for Attention

FBI Investigating New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

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