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Foreign Policy

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Obama Pushing Us Toward World War III

Did U.S. Bomb Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan?

Terrifying New Biological Weapons On The Way – With Potential For Massive Death & Destruction

Trump On Islamic Terrorists: They’re Not Swedish!

Trump On Foreign Policy: “I Wanna Be Unpredictable!”

Ukranian Woman Understood What “Refugees” Were Saying…

Comedian Cruz Cracks Jokes

A Look at German Refugees

A Plan for Halting the Refugee Resettlement Program

We Got the Latest Numbers on Acceptable Terrorists to the United States

FBI Says It Can’t Stop ISIS Recruitment, While ISIS Recruits In Texas Are Urged To Attack US Citizens

Obama’s Syrian Training Program Bust

Al Qaeda Used The Refugee Program To Gain Entrance Into The US–And So Can ISIS

Hispanic Woman Defends Donald Trump

The Little Known History of Deportations of Illegals in America

Gang of Eight Collaborator Marco Rubio Agrees With Obama That Oppression Causes Terrorism

Hillary’s Biggest Liability …. and It’s NOT Bill!

Should We Also be Aware of the Peaceful Muslims?

45 Noteworthy Facts About Donald Trump

Caught with $422,000 Cash

Fixated on Every Issue Except the One that Will Make or Break America – Education!!!

Obama is knowingly bringing Islam terrorists to America

Obamas and Clintons: Who will extort the world for more?

What Kerry Just Said About Iran Nukes Should Stop The Deal In Its Tracks

Refugee resettlement: The Intentional Muslim “Browning” of America

Budget Cuts Blamed For Chattanooga Attack While GOP Defense Budget At Risk of Obama Veto

Military request: Obama, Can We Have Guns Too?

Obama Should Just Declare War on Israel

If This Is Negotiating – You’re Doing It Wrong

Hunting ISIS On The Darknet: The FBI’s De facto Collaboration With Anonymous

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