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Bitter Clingers

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Guess who DHS says the radicals are?

Obama touts foreign militia, but domestic militia’s are terrorists?

Obama makes Christians the murdering terrorists

Gun-control nuts hate these stories

Soft and cuddly tyranny of Political Correctness

Patriotic America woman has gall to ban Muslims

Bryant Gumbel calls NRA pigs

Muslims NOT the most radical?

Surprise: The Terrorists had ILLEGAL guns

Gun Control Lib Rahm Emanuel warns of armed protection

A pastor Obama would be proud of

Gay Mafia has NOTHING on THIS Mafia

Another BS Obama stall tactic tossed on Fast and Furious

The government taketh and the government taketh more

Kenyan miracle healer exposed

Religion gone in a generation?

Aaron Weiss: Vet/Law Enforcement Officer Gives Best 2nd Amendment Speech

Religion is finally fighting back!

Dangerous Liberals anti-gun tactic of SWATTing

Gays and the Church

Radical Muslims 43, Tea Party 0

Taboo: Religion, Sex, and Politics

Want a gun, give us your password

Racist Houston mayor targets white pastors

Pirate sword mistaken for gun and hilarity ensues

Pastor sets trap for thief (video)

Dems soon “outing” their own hypocrites

Hannity fights a Terrorist

Barack Obama: The No Plan Having Genius

Democrats hate Christianity, but love Biblical references

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