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Bitter Clingers

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Liberals get gun after being robbed by Liberals

Michigan targeting Christian teachers?

CT Gov should be arrested and sued

Muslims use Democrat playbook on trucking company

Detroit police chief to homeowners: Shoot first, ask questions later

Veteran/Second Amendment Supporters Take Over Anti-Gun Rights Meeting!

Off Duty Ninja Dispatches Robber (video)

Video: Banned Super Bowl gun ad going viral

The LAST Round You’ll Ever Need! Boom.

Awesome video: Come and Take It (Molon Labe)

Former gun control advocate sees the muzzle flash

Rules Of A Gunfight

Phil Robertson: Ducks Trump Barbara Walters

When Liberals get an AK-47 (video)

Fast and Furious: Paul Walker or Gun Walker?

The Fed Loves Guns…for Feds

People don’t rob people…Guns do!

Carjacker Gets What’s Coming to Him

The Real Story Behind Gov’t Shootings

Wasting Away in Obamaville!

Why I Love the NRA and Second Amendment

BREAKING GUN NEWS: MI Open Carry BBQ Ends with No Shootings

Irony Alert: Liberal Professor Attacked by Black Mob

Armed Hero: Ex Royal Marine with Handgun Saves 100 in Kenyan Mall Attack

The 13 Shot in Chicago You DIDN’T Hear About

Is Obama the cause of mass shootings?

The Brass Tacks of Gun Control

Open Carry Chicks Confronted by Cop in Missouri

The Hood Needs More Protection Not Social Programs

ACORN Tactics Used In NW Anti-Gun Petitions

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