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Epic Fail: Pepsi Announces Lady Doritos

FBI Agents TRIED to Evade Federal Records Requirements

First Tidbit of FISA Memo Describes FBI Collusion with Clinton Against Trump

Tucker Carlson Gets Pro-Illegal Democrat FIGHTING MAD

James Comey Tweets on McCabe Firing: Stood Tall Under Attack from Small People

BOOM: Chelsea Clinton FUNNELED MILLIONS in Fed Contracts to Friends

Clinton Foundation: White Collar Crime of Highest Order

Criminal Tech Industry Bias Against Conservatives Exposed

Haitian Sh*thole the Crooked Clinton Foundation Created

BLOWBACK: Nancy Pelosi ANGERS Democrat Base

Clinton House Burns: Interesting Timing with DOJ Investigation

Leftist Millionaire NYC Mayor Gives himself $33,000 Raise

California Burning: Jerry Brown’s True Legacy of Destruction

No More Plexiglas To Protect Shops in Black Neighborhoods

2018: The Year Leftists Come Out of Closet for Trump

8 Things Black Leftists Should NOT RUIN in 2018

California: Home of the Wealthiest HOMELESS People

Americans Truly Won’t Believe LATEST TAX Proposed by Leftists

Richest Leftist in the World Running a SWEAT SHOP

Congress to File Contempt Charges Against FBI

Twisted: Leftists HIDE BEHIND Their Wealth and Privilege

WHITES ONLY: Democrats’ Dirty Secret in Protecting Sex Abusers

Black Congressman Prefers to Molest Crackhead Staffers

Gavin Newsom: Womanizing Past Could Jeopardize His Gubernatorial Dreams

James Clyburn’s FLIPPANT DEFENSE of Sexual Misconduct: “Who elected them?”

Question for Leftists: Can Black and Brown Countries DISCRIMINATE?

Trump Win? Judge Rules Seattle WEALTH TAX Illegal

SNL Targets Democrats: More Signs Hollywood Changing [VIDEO]

More Fraud at HSBC Bank Links James Comey

Unlike Obama: President Trump Doesn’t Drink or Snort Cocaine

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