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Sexual Harassment/Abuse

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Female CA Legislator and Champion of #MeToo Movement Accused of Sexual Assault

CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo BLASTS Hillary Clinton Over Lies

Hollyweird and Other Leftists’ Fascination with Sex Abuse and Enablers

Banned in Sweden: Book Linking Muslims to Rape Culture

Madame Hillary Clinton: Feminist Who Allowed Decades of Sexual Abuse

FLASHBACK: Feminist Discovers HARD WAY That Haiti Is a Sh*thole

Franco’s Sexual Harassment Accusers: Timing of the Essence

Another SHOCKING Hollywood Sexual Abuse Scandal

Oprah Winfrey: Pimp for Harvey Weinstein and MUCH MORE!

You Won’t BELIEVE What NBC Tweeted about Robots and Pedophiles

Bad News for Leftist Men: Hacked Sex Robots Can KILL

Happy New Year! Muslim Men Rape-A-Palooza in German

President Trump: Anti-Slavery President the Left HATES

Feminist Homewrecker Plays #MeToo Victim

Joy Villa FILES ASSAULT CHARGES on Corey Lewandowski

Leftist Feminism: Multiple Muslim Gang Rapes in 3-week Span

Meet Another Trump Accuser: Wacko BEGGED for a meeting

PRISON: The Latest Location for Leftist Sex Scandals

Women’s March Organizer PIMPS for Sexual Predators

Chris Matthews: Were Sexual Harassment Payoffs Part of His Contract?


Another Democrat Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Scandal

BOOM: Text Messages DEBUNK Sexual Accuser

Sexual Misconduct Claims Another Leftist in Media

MLB Great Calls Sexual Harassment ‘Ugly-Shaming’

You Won’t BELIEVE the 4th Trump Accuser: They Just Get FUNNIER!

Trump Accuser Reveals SHOCKING DETAILS: ‘He asked for my PHONE NUMBER!” [VIDEO]

THE AXE: Leftist 9th Circuit Judge Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Roy Moore’s Accuser Admits She’s a Fraud

Bill O’Reilly Exposes NEW Leftist Plot to Destroy Trump

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