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Republicans Learn How to Fight: Create ‘Crumbs Act’ to Hit Pelosi Hard

Trump Tax Cuts Generate RECORD Income for Fed

GM Gives 50,000 Workers $11,750 “Crumbs” due to Tax Cut

Another Trump Economic Triumph Embarrasses for Obama

Another 50 Year First for America’s Genius President

SHOCKING Chinese Response to Trump Tariff on Solar Panels

BETTER THAN REAGAN: Heritage Foundation on Trump’s First Year

Blue State UTOPIA: California is Poorest State in America

President Trump SPRINGS the DACA Trap on Democrats

How Trump and the GOP saved this single black mother 

Numbers Are In: 2018 BEST Holiday Shopping Season in a Decade

Armageddon: Fiat Moving Plant From Mexico to Michigan

Obama: GANGSTER President Who Tried to DESTROY Corporate America

President Trump’s POWERFUL Message to the NFL

Donald Trump Saving Blacks and Latinos and Democrats HATE HIM for it

Trump POKES FUN at Obama’s Little Economy

President Trump ENDS FREE MONEY for Immigrants [VIDEO]

Trump Wins: The Message Most MISSED from Keurig’s Backpedal

RACISM: NFL Ratings Blamed on Inferior Product

1.5 Million FEWER Americans on Food Stamps

President Trump MOCKS Left: How About This ECONOMY! [VIDEO]

Democrat Presidential Candidate BOYCOTTS moment of silence for Vegas victims

Google Ultimatum to Conservative Website: Comply or Lose Revenue

Pelosi: ‘Voters Don’t Want to Hear us Criticizing the President’

Latest Trump Move Puts An End To Welfare Leeches

President Trump Stops MASSIVE 26 Percent Government Raise

Latest Obama Distinction EMBARRASSES Democrats

Trump Effect: Black Employment TORMENTS Democrats

Trump Slashes the Value of Amazon with One Tweet


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