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Watch as Al Sharpton gets OWNED by a twelve year old!

Colin Powell Fires Back at Hillary Clinton [Video]

Backfire: Clintons Are Unpopular

Your Flight Safety Is In The Hands Of Foreigners

Martin O’Malley Can Beat Hillary Clinton If He Does This

Putin Shows Obama How a Real Christian Acts

Caught on Camera: British Reporter Has Enough

Did U.S. Bomb Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan?

Wasserman-Schultz: transgender women should play contact sports

Liberalism: Football Players Attack Referee (Video)

Boy Attempts Robbery to Female MMA Champ; Doesn’t End Well for Him

Why Would an IT Guy for Hillary Clinton Plead the Fifth?

Have You Heard The Latest Lunacy of Political Correctness?

Hillary’s Emails Hacked and For Sale

Dr. Ben Carson cuts deal over game of pool?

Matthew McConaughey’s Wife In Court?

Do You Know Your Government Slave Rate?

Grow Your Own Voter – Just Add Stem Cells

Murders for Hire as Entitlements

Racist Congressman Finally Going to Jail

Obama’s Muslim Jobs Plan

Guess What the Government is Cooking, Heisenberg

Why Did This Liberal Woman Help Killers?

Do you speak “Bias-free”?

This black Democrat is a HUGE problem for Democrats

So Now This Is Considered “Risky Behavior”?

USMC Massacre in Chattanooga: Obama Shun’s Our Finest

Meet Another Racist Blackademic

Nepal Earthquake: The Importance of Family

What Flag Comes Down in the TN Shooting?

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