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Foreign Policy

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Leftist Open Borders Politician Beheaded in Africa

CIA Director BLASTS Chuck Schumer on Russian Intelligence

BREAKING: Iranian Protests ERUPT in Multiple Cities

Chuck Schumer Doesn’t Want THIS VIDEO on Univision

Illegal Receives 3 LIVERS Ahead of American Citizens

Banned in Sweden: Book Linking Muslims to Rape Culture

Chuck Schumer Makes LAUGHABLE Offer to Trump

French President SHOCKS WORLD: France Wants Trump Approach

Blue State UTOPIA: California is Poorest State in America

Leftist Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa: Returns to America GRATEFUL for Trump

CNN MELTDOWN: Trump Calls DACA Government Shutdown “Schumer Shutdown” [VIDEO]

President Trump SPRINGS the DACA Trap on Democrats

Lawyer for Mexican Illegal ADMITS His Client Killed Two Cops

OOPS: State Department Issued WARNING on Clinton’s Haiti

North Korean Nuclear Base COLLAPSES

Anti-Trump Democrats TERRIFIED Over Trump Latest DACA Move

EATING CROW: Canada Follows Trump and Won’t Allow Salvadoran Immigrants

Obama Speech on DACA that CRUSHED Democrat Hopes

Trump Responds After Pakistan RELEASES Anti-American Terrorist

LEAKED Memo: Democrats Only Want DACA for VOTES!

Former Iranian President Ahmadinejad Arrested

FAIL: Counter-Demonstrations by Iranian Mullahs

Pakistan Calls President Trump’s Cut in Aid “Blackmail”

Happy New Year! Muslim Men Rape-A-Palooza in German

UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Judiciary Overtaken in Iran’s 4th Largest City

Trump Effect: North Korea READY TO TALK

United Nations: Organization for War, Disease, Rape and Sex Trafficking

Trump CUTS $255M in Aid to Pakistan: Ineffective Against Terrorism


Trump Responds: South Korea SEIZES North Korean Tanker Loaded with Oil

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