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Leftist Open Borders Politician Beheaded in Africa

Chuck Schumer Doesn’t Want THIS VIDEO on Univision

Banned in Sweden: Book Linking Muslims to Rape Culture

Chuck Schumer Makes LAUGHABLE Offer to Trump

Blue State UTOPIA: California is Poorest State in America

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Obama Speech on DACA that CRUSHED Democrat Hopes

LEAKED Memo: Democrats Only Want DACA for VOTES!

Happy New Year! Muslim Men Rape-A-Palooza in German

‘Dreamers’ INVADE Chuck Schumer’s Office and Threaten Him

Kamala Harris: Without DREAM ACT Thousand of Teachers could be DEPORTED

Chuck Schumer GETS CREDIT for Another Terrorist Attack

Murder of Border Patrol Agent was No Accident

INCREDIBLE: What Democrats DEMAND ICE Stop Doing

OUTRAGEOUS: Illegal Who Killed Kate Steinle Found NOT Guilty

President Trump ENDS FREE MONEY for Immigrants [VIDEO]

Illegal “Dreamer” Guns Down 7-yr-old [VIDEO]

Barack Obama’s Dream: A Hate-Filled America

Trump KILLS Dr Death Chuck Schumer’s Diversity Lottery Program [VIDEO]

SHOCKING POLL: What Americans Think of Illegals Taking Jobs

Obama: The Putz Who PRETENDED He Was King

Watch Illegal Africans STORM Beach in Spain [VIDEO]

Trump Slaps Chicago Mayor with Latest Immigration Move