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Wolf Blitzer Compares Obama to Golda Meir – Golda Would Be Horrified!

ObamaCare: Get Your FREE Stuff!

Buying the Government Bull

This Story about Roaches Could Be a Spoof on Liberals

BREAKING: New WTVC Tweets! Left Wing Media’s Amber Alert Defense

God Reveals Obama’s Horns

Chris Wallace Does a Job on Jack Lew

White (Joint Base Lewis-McChord) Soldier Killed By Black Thugs

Cancer By Another Name Would Smell As Sweet

Obama Shuts Down Amber Alert

America Will Self-Correct After Obama

Obama says ObamaCare will boost exports

Let Fed-Ex Run the Gov’t

Obamacare for Dead Kentuckians

Obama Tells Chaplains No Praying During Gov’t Shutdown

Barack Obama: The Most Successful President in US History

Obama the Sultan of Sob Stories

Normandy was closed when we got there too

Phil & Willie Robertson talk about fake bleeps and praying in Jesus name

Washington Redskins Might Become the New Black Panthers

Obama Gets Spanked on Twitter

800,000 Paid Vacations for Non-Essentials

Jay-Z: Dealing Coke Made Me a Better Businessman

Jay Leno: Government shutdown so bad Obama’s down to one teleprompter!

Disgrace! Two Liberal Presidents Exploit Normandy

On Democrats and Honor

James Woods: Obama is “Gift from Hell”!

Dr. Ben Carson compares ObamaCare to the Alamo

Alert: Sky is Falling – The Wrecked Economy Could be Affected

Peace for Our Time (A Call for Eternal Vigilance)

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