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Michelle Obama’s Three-Quarters of a Cup of Frustration

Nick Adams: An Aussie Adopted by Texas and Preaching American Exceptionalism

Samuel Adams Beer Ejects God from the Declaration of Independence

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano Will Resign Today!

Who Contributes? The Military Stomp Journalists!

The Zimmerman Case Exposes Black Racism

Miss USA Can’t Get a Date in NYC?

Chicago Children Inform Barack Obama ‘We Want to Live!’

Civil Wrongs: Lyndon B. Johnson

Marine Vet Rocks America’s Got Talent with “Coal Keeps the Lights On”!

Wendy Davis: Just Another Leftist Moron

Barack Obama and the Four-Year-Old, Dorset, Minnesota Mayor

Clever Response to Wendy Davis (Texas Senator of Filibuster Fame)

Dems Want to Build a National Park WHERE? (To the Moon Alice!)

Enforce Old Immigration Laws Before Any New Ones Are Passed

Barack’s Bogus Broccoli Tale

Mourning the Birds and the Bees

Why Planned Parenthood Is so Invested in Aborting Baby Texans

Greek Yogurt-Infused Guacamole for Mexican Illegals

Romney/Ryan t-shirts find a welcome home…you won’t guess where!

The 6 Month Farewell of Late Night’s Leno Kicks Ratings Booty!

Dr. Hotze’s Early Win Against Obamacare

A New Name for the Tea Party

Christian College Teaching Marxism (aka Social Justice)

The NOT Gay Video Stake-Out and the Pit Bull

It’s Time Christians Told Those who Seek to Silence Them ‘Yeah Right’

Is Racial Rioting On the Rise?

Garroting Throats and Hailing Satan

America Killed by Barack Obama’s Political Ambulance!

Immigration Reform In the Eyes of an Immigrant

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