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How Liberal Pseudo-Kindness is Killing America

Black Conservative!

Affirmative Action – Liberals Helping the Lesser Race

Crowds Protest Pro-Gay Marriage Law in Paris

SCOTUS Adds Review of MI Affirmative Action Law

Pampered Prince: What Would Mohammed Do?

Moral of the Story: Do Not Torch Snakes!

Spoiled Sheikh

Proper Use of the Race Card

Starbucks CEO Schultz Lashes out Against Pro-Traditional Marriage Shareholder

Liberal Lesson – Living Vicariously

Dallas Takes Novel Approach Against Illegals

NRA Stand and Fight (Video)

Michelle Obama – Angry at Her Success?

Obama Needs a Magician Czar

IRS Star Trek Spoof Tax Video

Pro-Choice Really Means the Leftist Elite Choose

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Staff Sequester Starvation Diet

Michelle Obama Crowned In Brit Sunday Times

Black Community a Powder Keg

Why Is the Obama Admin Stockpiling Weapons and Ammo?

Reid Adding Background Checks to Gun Control Bill

Associate Prof Orders Stomp On Jesus Exercise

Phil Keaggy “Little Ones”

Obama Borrows Money from Jews

Obama Foists Alinsky Ideals On Young Israelis

Nanny Bloomberg’s High School Graduates Mostly Illiterate

Major Networks Mostly Silent on Abortion Doc Born Alive Baby Murders

Armed Homeowner Protects Wife from Armed Intruders

Bibi Remarks on Obama’s Incestuous Relationship with the Media

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