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America’s Problem IS Racism

Sharpton Going ‘Barrio’ in AZ

America Immigration Policy is RACIST!

Iran the New Leader in Women’s Rights

Is Obama Killing Hollywood?

Illegal Immigration – Reprise

Racism Biden Style

Sucker Punched

Color Matters?

Liberalism is Dangerous to Your Health

Cleaver Delivers Nothing for KC Blacks

The UnHoly Season

Democrats Lawyer Up

Had Enough of Democrats?

Democrat Turmoil

The Soul of America

Maybe We Can Split a Beer

Obama’s Snow Job

Jobs Bill and Baby Steps

Reid’s Dirty Jobs Gambit

95,000 Jobs a Month – LOL!

Poor John Mayer

No Celebrating GROWTH!

Republican Response – The Black Sphere

Obama – Fisher of Men

Bin Laden Speaks

God Spotted in MA

Happy in my Own Skin

The Negro Dialect

The Buck Stops THERE!

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