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Waking up to the Obama Hangover

It’s all Bush’s fault…

NRA provides dessert for Inaugural Ball

If the Republicans had not freed the slaves…

My Guns Across America Sign!

Executive Hypocrisy Comes Home to Roost

The Audacity of Arrogance

So much for gun-free zones!

Red Blooded Mama in a Blue State

CPI told you so!

Rejected Drafts to Obama’s Inaugural Address

The Wilsonian Obama

You, Sir, are a Dullard

The ‘Rights’ of Illegal Immigrants versus the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

We The Families

The Writing On The Wall

I am The Tea Party

Kevin Jackson schools a young SEIU Obama zombie

The Color of Politics

Six Newton Children Have A New and Dear Friend

Meet Fiscal Cliff

The Precarious Women’s Movement

The Gloves are Off

It’s Time for an Apology

Obama uses Black Magic

Post Debate Obama

Romney Mops Floor with Obama

Clintons – Masters of the Obvious

Obama’s Time is a Changin

Is Conservative Friend an Oxymoron

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