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Boehner Should be a Goner

Tea Party Crashes Orgy

Obama’s Dirty Secret?

Can Whites be Chimps?

King’s Real Legacy

Left wants Reaganized Obama

Unlimited Debt Ceiling

What Color Defines Us?

The UnArt of Compromise

The Intervention – Reprise

Chicago Gets New Crime Boss

No Losers for Democrats?

Don’t Ask Don’t Vote

Fat Dumb and Unhappy

Republicans Brew Lite Tea

Devaluing the Dollar

Obama on Jobs – Reprise 2010

Sharpton Sings the Oldies

Racism Gets Real

Kerry’s Yacht

NAACP Has Gone Rogue

Racism Biden Style

Sucker Punched

Obama’s Snow Job

Jobs Bill and Baby Steps

Reid’s Dirty Jobs Gambit

95,000 Jobs a Month – LOL!

Poor John Mayer

No Celebrating GROWTH!

Obama – Fisher of Men

Bin Laden Speaks

God Spotted in MA

Happy in my Own Skin

The Negro Dialect

Happy Freakin’ New Year

Modern Day House Negros

Reid – Racist Revisionist

Obama the Creator

Obama's Labor Numbers

Obama Discusses Afghanistan

Obama The Racist

Ivy League Beatdown

Obama is The Thinker

Obama Losing Luster?

Democrats Hate Black People

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