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So God Made A Liberal…

POTUS’ Assault Weapon Policy

Obama, F-16s, and Guns

ObamaTax meets Fluke

Clutch Your Pearls

Obama shoots birds

Spike Lee would be a …

The Audacity of Arrogance

CPI told you so!

The Color of Politics

Meet Fiscal Cliff

Obama uses Black Magic

What Biden Meant

A Volt for Obama

10 Signs Obama is Panicking

The Slave Auction

Romney Gets Last Laugh

The Distortion Lobe

The Dark Age of X-Mas

Obama’s Biggest Secret

Cain’s Kryptonite

If Only Obama Were White

Obama the Deliverer

Obama’s Jobs Ponzi Scheme

It’s all about JOBS

The Blame Game

Spending into O-blivion

The Greater Depression

Obama’s Dirty Secret?

Can Whites be Chimps?

King’s Real Legacy

Left wants Reaganized Obama

Unlimited Debt Ceiling

What Color Defines Us?

Fat – The New N Word

The Intervention – Reprise

Chicago Gets New Crime Boss

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