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HEY SCHUMER: Remember When Democrats REFUSED to Seat This Black Senator?

Governor Jerry Brown SHOULD BE JAILED for CA Wild Fires

Democrat Fakes Frauds and Charlatans

Kirsten Gillibrand: Democrats’ New Great White Hope

Leftists’ Latest Proclamation: God Sides with Democrats

Leftist Media: “Mistakes in TRYING TO BE FAIR to the President” [VIDEO]

Leftists Exposed: Summary of Criticisms of Trump

Democrats VOW: No Repeat of Hillary Clinton’s Crooked Campaign

Rapper Eminem BEGGING President Trump for Attention

FBI Investigating New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Richest Leftist in the World Running a SWEAT SHOP

SMART MOVE? Why President Trump WON’T Fire Mueller…Now

Chris Matthews Makes CRAZY Comment about Democrats

Baroque Obama: Be careful of accidental Google Searches

BIG Trouble for Pocahontas: Warren Helped FUNNEL MONEY to Democrats from CFPB

Conyers STEPPING DOWN so his Son Can Molest Women

Desperate Democrats Use Sharpton’s Half-Brother to Register Felons to Vote

Democrats Call Their Sex Abusers ‘Icons’ and ‘Patriots’

Chinese Sue Clinton Family and Former VA Governor

Trump DOJ Uncovers Immigration Fraud Scheme

Another Obama Admin SCUMBAG Busted for Corruption

Gavin Newsom: Womanizing Past Could Jeopardize His Gubernatorial Dreams

Entitled Leftist Emasculated Men and their BAD DEEDS

Desperate Democrats Get Mentally UNSTABLE Woman to Accuse Roy Moore

Democrat Presidential Hopefuls AVOIDING Hillary Clinton

Trump Broke Me: Joe Scarborough REMOVES all Trump Tweets

Leftist Democrats Reward Their SEXUAL ABUSE “Icons”

Leftist Mogul Mad President Trump IGNORES Him

Female News Anchor: Everybody Knew Don’t Get in the Elevator with Conyers

Rapper Master P to LaVar Ball: THANK President Trump!

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