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Funny New Year’s Resolutions

Why The Left Is Rallying Around the Hillary Debate Dump

Hawaii Not Very Proud of Obama

Reality Show: Black Prison Dads

What Liberals Fear

The Real Reason Why Bill Clinton’s House Was Targeted

Democrat Scheme Foiled by Trump

Terrorism in America is Non-Existent Under Obama

Black Mayor Wants to Ban Trump from City

Department of Homeland Security Employs Terrorists

Another Leftist Gun-Control Hypocrite You Won’t Believe

The Media’s Muslim Ruse

What Media Won’t Tell You About Obama’s Iraq

Shocking: Obama’s Record for College Shootings

Hillary’s Email Meter is Still Ticking

ISIS is Contained?

Global Climate Farce: The Money Grab

A Word to the Brain-Dead Climate Farce Crowd

Refugees and Gov’t Waiting Lines

Obama Compares Himself to NFL QB Great in GQ Article

Update: Comedy Club Asked to Remove This Video on Hillary Clinton

Yale Students Whine about Tolerance

What Global Millennials Say is Their Top Challenge

Bombshell: Democrat Exposes Democrats’ Dirty Politics and Emails

Even Dogs Know How to Spot the Liberal

Crazy Biker Runs from Cops!

Hillary Clinton’s Magical Makeover

No Obama Politicized Gun Control Speech on This Mass Murder

Only Hillary Clinton Would Believe She Was a Good Sec’y of State

Funny Man Completely Destroys Feminism Using Feminists

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