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Starbucks Token Store

Muslim Police Chief Refuses American Pledge

The Earth has tired of Obama

DNC Chair: acting like a sprayed roach?

The New Old Hillary Clinton

Democrat’s crime of opportunity

Holy Liz Warren, Jeb Bush is what!?

Another feminist ploy?

Watch Jackson and Chicago Mayor hopeful get skewered (video)

Poverty has its PRIVILEGES!

Olbermann’s wet dream

Real reason behind Starbucks’ “Trading Places” project

Sharpton’s clever technique to avoid taxes

Witch hunt is over: Found her

I love the taste of Styrofoam in the morning

Black Democrat Congressman hates Tea Party (video)

The Ongoing List of Obama Lies & Meddling

Manspreading has feminists’ panties in a wad

The real terrorists are TEXANS?

Harry Reid’s ethics questioned

DoJ wants money for border security, with a twist

Global Climate Alarmist make Brian Williams look like an Eagle Scout

Obama’s radical anti-Israel Marie Harf

Jeh Johnson: Step-n-Fetchit “Yes Boy”

CA takes recycling seriously!

Obama just “happened”

Brian Williams has his own Hurricane Katrina

Al Gore joins Mexico in more nonsense

Seattle: Nanny state in crisis

Conspiracy Theorists here it is: “Project Blue Book”

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