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How the Left sees lameduck Obama

Liberals: Capitalists are reason for illegal immigration

Liberalism killed those Pakistani children, not the Taliban

Liberal Professor bans Conservative viewpoint

Liberal Showcase: Welfare fraud from not so poor jeweler

A Love Letter to Liberals

Crazy animal rights activists in a must-see funeral

Elizabeth Warren building fake foreign policy credentials

Message to the Ferguson Rioters: Personal Responsibility

Dems worried about Obama going to jail

The government taketh and the government taketh more

Obama’s rude awakening in Vegas

Say goodbye to the Chisholms: the richest couple on welfare

Obama “self-Grubers” on immigration

Easy to spot Leftist pansies, even on a comet

A “stupidity” virus? Finally an answer to Liberalism

Dems throw a party and Hillary is not invited

Does ObamaCare my ass look big?

The Canadian Chris Matthews?

Even WHO is trying to kill off blacks

Democrats really hate the poor, and here’s the proof

Teenagers terrorizing in downtown areas?

Obama: Where da black people at?

Democrats in BIG TROUBLE over this

Liberals love their diversity…training

La Raza: We don’t need no stinkin’ badges

Teacher wants private info on students’ parents

Democrat Strategy: Demean Women

Try this app to be sure your date is interested

One of these is real: unicorn, the competent Liberal politician, or voter fraud

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