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Minnesota Farmer Escapes Government Grab…For Now

Piers Morgan Pompous Brit (Video)

Feinstein’s Insane Assertions of Vets’ Lack of Sanity

5 Things the Gun Grabbers Apparently Don’t Understand

This Maxine Gets It Right!

Homeowner Takes Joe Biden’s Advice, Gets Arrested

If only Nikki Haley were Michelle Obama

‘Fried Fat Cakes’ Michelle establishes ‘No Fry Zones’

Smoke a Joint, Get an ObamaPass, Sell a Gun to a Joint Smoker, Go To Jail

Obama donor in process of buying up and ‘destroying’ America’s top pro-gun media outlets


Obamacare Chickens Come Home to Roost

Watch timed comparisons of 15 round mags v. smaller mags!

When Government Disarms a People

Are the Feds/States Pushing for Armed Drone Use?

Carson: No sneak peek for Obama

Gun Grabbers Kill Jobs

“Joe Biden is what you get when you mix arrogance and senility”

Joe Biden Shotgun Advice Could Be Illegal In Delaware, Officials Claim

The Michelle Obama ‘Let’s Move’ Third Anniversary Tour

Katrina mayor pleads not guilty to bribery charges

Obama’s organizers plan ad blitz on gun plan

Van Jones: Obama Wouldn’t Lose Black Vote Even If He ‘Came Out As Gay’

Sheriffs can inspect homes for safe gun storage in Washington state…

The Anti-Choice Left’s Disarming of the American Woman

N.Y. bill would force gun owners to buy at least $1M in insurance

Pelosi Says Drone Strikes on Americans Can Stay Secret

Ooh that media’s grilling the Prez now!

Al Gore Explains Advantages of Sharia Law to Andrea Mitchell

Obama Should Regulate Oil Refineries, Household Appliances to Stop Global Warming

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