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Question of the Day

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Antifa Threatens Desecration at Gettysburg and Other Historical Sites on July 4th

Famous Democrat Analyst: HARSH WORDS for Media Reaction to Comey Testimony

LAUGHABLE HYPOCRISY: Democrats Cry Foul During Party Election

Trump’s Furious With Fox News Anchor

PAYBACK! Trump Will Soon STACK FED COURTS With Conservatives

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Hillary Clinton Wants Obama to Have a Spot in Her Administration

Reince Priebus: Wake The F Up!

Funny New Year’s Resolutions

Question of the Day: Is Hillary Untouchable

What would Sharpton rename your favorite movie?

QOTD: Are you ready to catch Ebola?

QOTD: Should transgender women fight other women?

QOTD: Is it racism or statistics?

QOTD: Is push to legalize medical marijuana REALLY about medical marijuana?

QOTD: Is the NFL domestic abuse scandal a case of the double standards?

QOTD: Why is Pres. Obama committing troops to fight Ebola…

QOTD: What kind of problem are the abuse scandals of NFL players in recent days?

QOTD: Should women enlist and/or reenlist to fight in our current wars against militant jihadists?

QOTD: What do you think it means to “follow ISIS to the Gates of Hell?”

QOTD: Does anyone have a reasonable expectation of online privacy?

QOTD: Do you think ISIS already has infiltrated America?

QOTD: Is racism causing obesity in minorities?

If you named a gang after Obama, what would you call it?