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Satire & Irony

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What the Media INTENTIONALLY Overlooked in Donna Brazile’s Book

Next Mueller Target: Tony Podesta Resigns from Lobbying Company

BREAKING: Fake Trump Dossier FUNDED BY DNC and Clinton Campaign [VIDEO]

Alyssa Milano EXPLAINS Why She’s Another Hollywood Hypocrite

DNC plotted FAKE sexual harassment charges against Trump

Harvey Weinstein Contract ALLOWED Sexual Misconduct

Michelle Obama: Spokesperson for the Lying Left

Videos the NFL Doesn’t Want America to see

SEND MEDICS: NFL DYING Faster than Expected

TRUMP MISOGYNY ALERT: Women Now Dominate The White House

Kevin Jackson Reveals Life as a Double-Transgender Man

Jobless and No Prospects: Jennifer Lawrence Takes a “Career Break”

Store Owner Leaves Leftists CRYING IN THEIR SNOWCONES

Complete Week-One List of Anti-American Black Racists in NFL

Wasserman Schultz HIDING AFFAIR with the Awan Brothers

Embarrassing Twitter Poll on Trump Backfires on Leftists

Kaepernick ASSISTS Black NFL Crybaby Who Had Run-In with Police

JIM CROW WORKED: Leftist Blacks DEMAND Segregated Housing

Check Out What DANGERS LURK in Houston Flood Waters [VIDEO]

REAL TRUTH Behind Obama’s Hurricane Sandy PHOTO OP

Melania Trump Brings CLASS to the Role of First Lady

Leftist MELTDOWN After Trump trolls Obama with EPIC tweet

CNN Reporter DESTROYED by Black Trump Supporter [VIDEO]

Watch This Black Mom REMOVE Her Son from BLM [VIDEO]

Six Police Officers Shot in 3 Different Cities in ONE NIGHT

A List of Times Donald Trump was a “Racist Bigot.”

Trump Effect: West Virginia’s Governor Leaves The Democratic Party

Man Confronts Nancy Pelosi: ‘Prison Time is Coming Soon [VIDEO]

Leftist Professor: Black People Too Stupid to Learn Algebra

Nancy Pelosi: Showing UNMISTAKABLE Signs of Dementia

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