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Sharpton: ‘I’m the Martin Luther King of the North’

Watch as Al Sharpton gets OWNED by a twelve year old!

BS Alert: Al Sharpton Donates to Family of Slain Cop [VIDEO]

Obama’s July 4th Message to Americans: SHOW NO PATRIOTISM

Music Legend Stevie Wonder SLAMS Black Lives Matter [VIDEO]

Terrorist Group Spokesman: ‘Banning White Men Would Drastically Reduce Mass Shootings’

AL SHARPTON: Pimping the Black Vote Over the ‘ARCHIE BUNKER’ Vote

“Allahu Akbar” Fresno shooting spree: 3 people killed, suspect in custody

Leftist Pansies Inauguration Protests Won’t Scare Trump Supporters

Obama Declares Jihad on President-Elect Trump

Obama Admits He’s Been Delusional (video)

Philly: Female Police Officer Pummels Teen Who Hit Her

Joe Biden Ignores the Protest of the Silly Congressional Negroes

Obama Unknowingly Sticks It to Race Pimp Sharpton

Obama: Protecting America From Terrorism Better Than the White Guys

Obama: Jimmy Carter Just Newer and Blacker

Serial Racist Maxine Waters: I Won’t Work With Trump (video)

Tucker Carlson Crushes Race-Pimp Tariq Nasheed [Video]

Hillary Clinton Nightmare: Blacks for Trump

Academia: Racism against Whites

On-Air Surprise Won’t Help Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Leftists and Their Creepy Freaks

Bill Clinton’s Top 20 Sexual Dalliances

Bill Clinton’s Black Love-Child

Thug Life: Mother, Boyfriend Charged in Shooting of 5-Year Old

Media BLM Hypocrisy: Black Man Rants Live on TV

Homeland Security Welcomes Terrorists

Republicans Growing Democrats Shrinking

Hillary Clinton the Tax Cheat

Crooked Hillary Clinton and Campaign Finance Fraud

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