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Obama IRS Pays $20 Million to Collect Less than $7 Million


MUST SEE: Election Winners PICKED Through Year 2056

California Apocalypse: How California CHEATS to Stay Democrat

WOW: President Trump PUMMELS Steve Bannon

California Burning: Jerry Brown’s True Legacy of Destruction

California Dogs GO VEGAN for Climate Change

Prostitute to Lady: Hillary Clinton FAILS in Pretty Woman Remake

Black Journalist Cries RACISM because She WASN’T Molested

Who Knew EATING MEAT Makes A Man a Woman-Hater

Why President Trump Has NO WORRIES About Flynn Development

Hypocrite Meryl Streep IN HIDING in Wake of Weinstein [VIDEO]

SURPRISE! O’Reilly Accuser Arrested

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Fashion: Michelle Obama Named ‘Best Dressed’

Harvey Victims LASH OUT: ‘Americans Aren’t What the Media Says We Are’

DEMOCRATS BEWARE: Black Backlash Coming [VIDEO]

Maxine Waters Meltdown: Repeats Same Sentence 14 Times

San Francisco Ban Showcases Racist School Policy [VIDEO]

FOR A GOOD LAUGH: Heard the Democrats’ New Slogan?

Leftists Protest New WWII Movie over Lack of Diversity [VIDEO]

Anti-Trump Hollyweirdo APOLOGIZES: ‘I’m an Addict Who’s Hit Bottom’

Hillary Clinton Makes Shocking Admission

HACK COMIC George Lopez: ‘Deport the Police’

Restaurant Chain Kicks out Veterans for Being ‘Gangbangers’

Antifa Threatens Desecration at Gettysburg and Other Historical Sites on July 4th

Karma Gets TRUMP-BASHING NBC Chief White House Reporter [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Campaign Advisor EMBARRASSES Clintons (VIDEO)

Sen. Schumer Caught Dancing Awkwardly With Plantation Workers [VIDEO]

Bernie and Jane Sanders LAWYER UP: Sanders Under FBI Investigation

Johnny Depp Threatens Trump in Hopes of Career Revival

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