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Unhyphenated America

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Did Bill Clinton Offer Loretta Lynch Scalia’s Seat

Democrat Councilmen ARRESTED: Willing to Kill Americans for Illegal [VIDEO]

Obama IRS Pays $20 Million to Collect Less than $7 Million

Democrats in Puerto Rico INTENTIONALLY Keeping Power Off to Hurt Trump

TV Crew Tries to Sneak FAKE BOMB into Newark Airport

Obama’s Timeline of Treason: How Democrats Tried to FIX the Election

Criminal Tech Industry Bias Against Conservatives Exposed

President Trump DEMOLISHES 9th Circuit Court on DACA

In California GET ARRESTED for Feeding Homeless

Obama SHAMED: University Faculty Want Obama Library MOVED!

Fallout for Steve Bannon Only Beginning

Former Alabama Secy of State INDICTED for Election Fraud

“Never Trumper” Got TRUMPED: Worst Sales EVER!


Trump’s DOMINATION of Mueller and Desperate Democrats

Black Journalist Cries RACISM because She WASN’T Molested

Should America Trust Inspector General Michael Horowitz?

PRICELESS: Angry New Yorker Responds to Terror Attacks [VIDEO]

Kamala Harris: Without DREAM ACT Thousand of Teachers could be DEPORTED

Woman Denied Job for No Longer Being Gay

INCREDIBLE: What Democrats DEMAND ICE Stop Doing

Who Knew EATING MEAT Makes A Man a Woman-Hater

Congress to File Contempt Charges Against FBI

Univ of Michigan Students Want ‘Diversity Pay’

America: One Nation Under God or Under Government?

Leftist Ingeniously Indoctrinate Preschoolers with Transgender Animals

Why President Trump Has NO WORRIES About Flynn Development

Gavin Newsom: Womanizing Past Could Jeopardize His Gubernatorial Dreams

Entitled Leftist Emasculated Men and their BAD DEEDS

James Clyburn’s FLIPPANT DEFENSE of Sexual Misconduct: “Who elected them?”

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