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PRICELESS: Angry New Yorker Responds to Terror Attacks [VIDEO]

Muslims Practice CHOPPING OFF HEADS at Mosque

Brit Explains TRUMP MANIA to the World [VIDEO]

Watch as Al Sharpton gets OWNED by a twelve year old!

Trump Effect: West Virginia’s Governor Leaves The Democratic Party

Radical Congressman Threatens President Trump

Trump: Didn’t Need Russia for Damaging Info on Clinton

Maxine Waters Meltdown: Repeats Same Sentence 14 Times

Trump Response: 3 Green Berets Gunned down by Jordan Terrorist

Watch CNN Anchors’ Heads Explode as Trump Tweets [VIDEO]

Students GET EVEN with Anti-Trump Math Teachers [VIDEO]

Obama Says America Owes Him and I AGREE! [VIDEO]

Offending Muslims? There is NEVER a Reason Not to Fly the American Flag

Latest Trump Video That Has CNN Whining like Leftists [VIDEO]

EPIC SMACKDOWN: GOP Congressman DESTROYS CNN Anchor over Trump

Female Sniper Has ISIS Pissing Their Pants

‘The View’ Hosts Call Trump a Liar while Ignoring Obama’s Lies

Leftist Congressman Says Democrats’ Brand is ‘TOXIC’ [VIDEO]

Check out UNDERCOVER VIDEO of CNN Admitting Russia Story is Bulls*t

Sen. Schumer Caught Dancing Awkwardly With Plantation Workers [VIDEO]

FLASHBACK: Playboy Star Calls out Bill Maher, “I’ve seen you grab p*ssy”

Videos of Top 5 Most Stupid Leftist Comments of the Week June 11

Old Bernie Tweet – Leftists Motivated (to kill) by Love [VIDEO]

Conservatives Disrupt Trump Assassination Play [VIDEO]

Master Negotiator: President Trump Makes NEXT Major ARMS DEAL [VIDEO]

DRAMATIC FOOTAGE: Bernie Sanders Supporter Shooting Rampage

Senator Gillibrand Drops F Bomb in anti-Trump Rant [VIDEO]

This Police Officer Groom Gets Big Surprise at His Wedding [VIDEO]

Circus Clown Maxine Waters Shoves Leftist Reporter [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Offers CLASSIC LINE When Asked About Her Problems [Video]

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