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FL Bridge Collapse: Metaphor of Obama Era Policies

Why The Media Hides Obama’s Speeches and History

New Jersey School District Approves Armed Security Guards

NOT ENOUGH: Prof Who Wanted Trump Dead Apologizes

Teacher HANDCUFFED After Questioning Superintendent’s Raise [VIDEO]

Obama SHAMED: University Faculty Want Obama Library MOVED!

Sheriff Clarke on Education: Don’t poke the Big Dog I BITE BACK

NYC Schools and The Trump 2018 Education Agenda

College Evicts Republicans from Coffee Shop “Safe Space”

Who Knew EATING MEAT Makes A Man a Woman-Hater

SEXING: How Schools Hurt Our Minority Community

Univ of Michigan Students Want ‘Diversity Pay’

Everybody Graduates: Creates HUGE School Scandal in DC

Leftist Ingeniously Indoctrinate Preschoolers with Transgender Animals

Add MATH to the List of White Privilege Nonsense

Grant to Honor Black Panthers CANCELED

Hillary Clinton Considering Teaching Role at Columbia University

White Privilege: Berkeley Students Protest Taking Exam

USC Professor Under Arrest After False Shooter Claim

College Professor Claims Hard Work Is “White Ideology”

Cornell Black Student Group Complains: Too many Africans

Mexican Woman STEALS MAGA Hat Then Goes Off [VIDEO]

NEW TREND: GA Teacher FIRED Over Anti-Trump Move

Comey Shouted Down at Black College [VIDEO]

College ‘White Privilege’ Quiz and other White Privilege Nonsense

JIM CROW WORKED: Leftist Blacks DEMAND Segregated Housing

Leftist Florida Professor: Self-Inflicted CASUALTY of Hurricane Harvey

Former Russian EMBARRASSES CNN on National TV [VIDEO]

The SHOCKING NEW JOB of Former FBI Director James Comey

Leftists LIVID: Trump Declares Blacks Officially Equal to Whites

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