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CNN Demands Ben Carson Recognize Obama’s “Christianity”

“Million Man March” Unifies Haters of America; Socialists; Black Nationalists; and Moslems

Rihanna: Rachel Dolezal is a “hero”

Exposed: The Many Media Lies about the Oregon Shooter

Oregon Shooter is Bi-Racial

Another BLM Fraud Gets a Cushy Job

Trump On Islamic Terrorists: They’re Not Swedish!

Clinton: Obama Beat Me In 2008 Because He’s Black

America – How the Tables have Turned and Turned the Constitution Against Itself

Why CNN omitted Race from GOP Debate

Bernie Sanders thinks bad about America

Send Blacks Back to Africa Movement?!

What Geraldo Just Said About Dr. Ben Carson Would Have Libs FUMING If It Were Obama

Why Are the Courts Afraid of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement?

Teacher’s Union Encourages Disruptive Behavior for Minorities

Cameraman and Reporter Killed LIVE on TV | Video

Jesse Owens: “Hitler Didn’t Snub Me…My President Did”

The One Thing Black People Get that White People Want

When Black Liberals Find This Out About Hillary!

Black Lives Matter Leader Pulls a Dolezal

This Civil Rights Icon Should Die

Should We Also be Aware of the Peaceful Muslims?

You’ll Never Guess Who the Democrats are Abandoning Now

Trump: He’s white and he can fight

Fixated on Every Issue Except the One that Will Make or Break America – Education!!!

If White People Are So Bad, Then…

Snoop gets racially profiled overseas!

High School Teacher Develops Racist Curriculum

Rules of Racism from a Black Racist

Racism be Damned: LEO Elevates Humanity at KKK Rally

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