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Boston Bruins Pre-Game Ceremony: Boston Strong

Explosion at Waco Fertilizer Plant (Video)

Ricin Laced Letter Sent to Mississippi Senator Wicker

Kids MIGHT Be Saying the Pledge of Allegiance in Oregon

Intruder Dials 911: Afraid Homeowner Might Have a Gun! [VIDEO]

Rep. Chris Smith: If Gosnell had shot seven infants with an AR-15, it would be national news

Wanna Bet This Clerk Buys a Gun Now?

Jay-Z: As Classless as Obama

Obama Leaks Next Steps on Guns (Video)

700 Spec Ops Want Answers On Benghazi

Melissa Harris-Perry: Your kids aren’t yours!

NAACP Protested by Ex-NAACP!

Backstage with Dr. Carson: Does Black Crack?

A Communism Survivor Blasts Salem Oregon Gun Grabbers

If Michelle Lived in a Farm in Iowa She’d Want a Gun

Chicago’s Violence Tax

Michelle Says Hubby Has Swag?

US Rep Diana Degette Doesn’t Realize Mags Can Be Reloaded!

Jen Lawson “Cold Dead Hands” (Video)

15 Year Old Girl’s Brilliant Pro-Gun Defense! (Video)

When Nunchucks Fight Back (Video)

If you think the KIDS are bad…

Pick Your Favorite Obama Golf Blooper

Black Conservatives Praise the Constitution, Guns and God

Persons On the Street Respond to Marriage “Equality” Questions

Soopermexican: So God Made a Liberal

Armed Senior to the Rescue

3D Print Your Own Gun

Michael Moore: “Fear and racism drive people to cling to guns”

Paul McKinley Running for Jesse Jackson Jr’s Old Seat

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