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Paul McKinley Running for Jesse Jackson Jr’s Old Seat

Hailstorm “Kapooya” (Video)

Crowds Protest Pro-Gay Marriage Law in Paris

Moral of the Story: Do Not Torch Snakes!

NRA Stand and Fight (Video)

Michelle Obama – Angry at Her Success?

Obama Needs a Magician Czar

IRS Star Trek Spoof Tax Video

Phil Keaggy “Little Ones”

Palestinians Burn Obama Posters

And I Dream that “Undocumented” Will Apply for Legal Citizenship

Kenny Brooks has initiative…AND he’s funny!

Racism at CPAC in Basketball?

Feinstein Compares Assault Weapons to Child Pornography

Colion Noir Asks Obama to Be Consistent About Gun Control

Jay Carney Avoids the Question: Will Obama Cut Back Lavish Vacations?

“If I Die Before You Wake”

Obama’s Fundamental Plan for Change: Socialism

NRA Executive Veep Wayne LaPierre’s Fiery CPAC Speech!

Constitution Primer – Preamble Ditty

Dianne Feinstein Says It’s Open Season for Human Hunting!

Fibber Feinstein’s Secret Gun-Grabbing Dream

The Sequester? Wassup with That? (Video)

Lying Democrat Scapegoat was Hired by Former DNC Head

Sequester Doesn’t Hurt High-Rolling WH Staffers

Obama’s Using Sequestration to Play Games with Military and Tuition

Piers Morgan Pompous Brit (Video)

Senator Rand Paul…Garners Reassurances! FTW!

An Illustration of Media Brainwashing

Robert Spencer: “There Are Ties To the Muslim Brotherhood In The White House.”

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