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Obama Relishes Mass Shootings

Letter from Robin Williams Explains “Wackademia”

Universities Are Cesspools of Ignorance

Black Lives Matter Movement Leader to Teach at Yale

Education: Should You Get a Refund?

Do you speak “Bias-free”?

Meet Another Racist Blackademic

Don’t Forget THIS When Planning for Cost of College

UPDATE: Walmart Bakes An ISIS Cake Then Does THIS? | Video

Oh C’mon, Jurassic World is Racist Now?

Kevin Jackson “Liberals Don’t Want to live up to the truth of who they are” #RachelDolezal

Academia: Teaching Young Adults to be Three-Year Olds

CNN Anchors OUTRAGEOUS Gaffe about Dallas Police HQ Shooter

Snoop Dogg for CEO of Twitter? #ifSnoopWasTwitterCEO

Chicago Schools: Run Just Like the City

Seinfeld: College kids today too PC

Press Hammers Josh Earnest Over Mysterious Press Room Only Evacuation (VIDEO)

Education: Ending Tenure is Best Thing That Could Happen

No CHEERING Allowed?

Student Attacks Teacher for Cell Phone

Racist Black Professor Strikes Again!

Black Pastors: “NAACP is stuck in the past”

MSNBC Apologizes and Pulls DISGUSTING Cop-Bashing Video

Teachers trained on White Privilege?

Johns Hopkins Losing Credibility

Racism Alert: “Black Only” School Field Trip

You shouldn’t need to strip to pay for college

The Advantage of being black

Another feminist ploy?

Teachers cheating: what else is new?

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